Dubai International Financial Centre introduces new law for digital asset transactions

Dubai International Financial Centre introduces new law for digital asset transactions - Industry News - News

DIFC Announces Enactment of New Digital Assets Law, Aligning Dubai with Global Technological Advancements in Finance

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a prominent financial hub situated in the United Arab Emirates, made an important announcement this week regarding the enactment of its new Digital Assets Law, effective from March 8. This legislative development comes alongside the new Law of Security and amendments to existing legislation, all aimed at positioning the DIFC at the forefront of technological advancements in international trade and financial markets.

DIFC’s Strategy to Embrace Digital Assets

As a leading financial hub operating within a tax-free special economic zone, the DIFC boasts its unique legal system and courts, based on English common law. This distinct feature sets it apart from the wider UAE legal framework. With the introduction of the Digital Assets Law, the DIFC continues its strategy to modernize and enhance its legal infrastructure, supporting financial services and attracting international businesses.

Framework for Digital Asset Transactions: A Milestone

The DIFC’s Digital Assets Law was formulated following a thorough review of regulatory practices across various jurisdictions and a period of public consultation last year. The law brings clarity to the legal status of digital assets as property, detailing methods for their management, transfer, and control by relevant parties. DIFC Chief Legal Officer Jacques Visser described this development as a significant milestone.

A More Attractive Platform for Digital Asset and Tokenization Projects

The DIFC’s comprehensive approach to defining digital assets and their legal handling is expected to make it a more appealing platform for digital asset and tokenization projects. By modernizing its laws to incorporate blockchain technology, the DIFC aims to stimulate innovation and growth within the digital asset sector.

Legal Clarity for Digital Assets: Security and Transparency

The DIFC’s initiative to update its legal framework for digital assets underscores its commitment to providing a secure and transparent environment for digital asset transactions. The Digital Assets Law offers clarity and security to investors and users, reinforcing the DIFC’s position as a leading financial center for emerging technologies.


The Dubai International Financial Centre’s enactment of the new Digital Assets Law signifies its dedication to remaining competitive in an evolving financial landscape. By providing clear legal frameworks for digital assets, the DIFC strives to attract international businesses and maintain its position as a global investment destination.