Significant decline in probability of spot Ethereum ETF approval by end of May: Reports

Significant decline in probability of spot Ethereum ETF approval by end of May: Reports - ETFs - News

Recent data from Polymarket, a reputable prediction platform, indicates a significant decline in the probability of approval for a spot Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) by the end of May. This pessimistic outlook stands in stark contrast to the optimism surrounding spot Bitcoin ETFs earlier in the year, following the SEC’s approval of 11 such products in January.

The Declining Probability of a Spot Ethereum ETF Approval

As per Polymarket’s findings, the likelihood of spot Ethereum ETF approval has plummeted to a mere 28%. This figure represents a substantial drop from the optimistic 74% probability that was predicted on January 10. The bullish precedent set by the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs had fueled anticipation among investors and market participants, leading to numerous applications from industry giants like BlackRock and Fidelity.

The SEC’s Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs: A Catalyst for Speculation

In January, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave its nod to 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs. This decision led to a flurry of applications from prominent asset managers, including BlackRock and Fidelity, in hopes of securing similar regulatory approval for Ethereum-based ETFs.

The SEC’s Delay and Potential Reasons

However, recent developments have seen the SEC delaying its decision on BlackRock and Fidelity’s spot Ethereum ETF applications. This hesitance has left investors and observers speculating about the SEC’s stance on expanding ETF offerings beyond Bitcoin.

Insights from Analysts at Ryze Labs

Analysts at Ryze Labs have offered valuable insights into this situation. They posit that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s limited authority over spot Bitcoin ETFs may afford him more flexibility in rejecting future non-Bitcoin ETF applications. The potential reasons behind this include concerns regarding market manipulation, regulatory compliance, and investor protection.

Gensler’s Legacy and Regulatory Caution

Ryze Labs analysts suggest that Chairman Gensler’s legacy may be defined by a cautious approach to approving multiple cryptocurrency ETFs. They speculate that Gensler, mindful of his tenure as SEC Chair, may be reluctant to accelerate the adoption of the crypto asset class by greenlighting various ETF offerings. The potential approval’s declining probability carries significant implications for investors and the broader cryptocurrency market.

Implications for Investors and Market

Investors who had anticipated diversifying their portfolios with exposure to Ethereum through ETFs may need to reassess their strategies in light of regulatory uncertainties. The news of the dwindling probability of a spot Ethereum ETF approval has reverberated across the cryptocurrency market, leading to fluctuations in investor sentiment. Some may adopt a more cautious stance, while others view the regulatory hurdles as temporary obstacles in the long-term trajectory of cryptocurrency adoption.


The decline in the probability of a spot Ethereum ETF approval by the end of May highlights regulatory uncertainties surrounding the adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies into mainstream financial markets. Market participants, investors, and regulators alike must navigate these challenges as they strive to understand the implications of this evolving landscape.