RSS3 Open-Source AI Architecture – turn any LLM into Web3 AI Agents

RSS3 Open-Source AI Architecture – turn any LLM into Web3 AI Agents - Corporate Press Release - News

Singapore, Singapore, March 17th, 2024:

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the significance of decentralized and open-source artificial intelligence (ai) is increasingly being recognized as a critical step towards mitigating risks associated with centralization and ensuring the future benefits of ai are accessible to all. RSS3, a pioneering organization in aggregating Open Information (data from blockchains and decentralized networks), has been exploring and developing decentralized ai products since before the GPT ai hype. Today, RSS3 marks an essential milestone in its journey with the official unveiling of OpenAgent, the first open-source ai Agent Framework dedicated to democratizing the creation of ai models.

The Open-Source ai Agent Framework – OpenAgent

OpenAgent provides an opportunity for customized ai agents to be developed for specific purposes like analysis, prediction, content creation, and transaction automation. This drastically reduces the development time of ai agents from months to hours for independent builders, thereby democratizing the field of ai creation. OpenAgent employs a Mixture of Experts (MoE) architecture that utilizes a gating network to choose the most effective expert models for particular tasks. Different expert models serve as specialized Lego blocks, each optimized for specific functions, which work independently yet collaboratively to generate a unified output.

Unlike popular OpenAI GPT models, any large language model (LLM) can be transformed into on-chain ai agents using OpenAgent. These ai agents specialize in analytical or transactional functions alongside creative content generation styles, providing examples like natural language initiated on-chain transaction ai, on-chain arbitrage ai, and smart contract analytic ai.

Decentralizing ai

OpenAgent works seamlessly with real-time, ai-ready on-chain data from the RSS3 Network. Decentralizing ai through on-chain data ensures credibility, promotes democratization, and prevents undue influence by offering transparency in the data from decentralized networks or blockchains. For instance, Web3 ai agents can be developed using OpenAgent and real-time decentralized information from the RSS3 Network to automate transactions like sending 100 $RSS3 tokens to Vitalik upon his Farcaster post. Another example of Web3 ai agents is those built from the OpenAgent Framework that analyze the content of all Vitalik’s Farcaster posts and generate content tailored to capture his attention or create lists of tokens of interest.

Joshua, Founder of RSS3, expressed his vision for OpenAgent by stating, “OpenAgent’s open-source release is driven by a desire to reduce reliance on centralized ai products. We aim to build a Web3 ai ecosystem that is more accessible, open, and diversified. Our hope is that Web3 ai agents can be easily developed using OpenAgent and leveraging RSS3’s aggregated ai-ready on-chain and cross-decentralizednetwork data to level the playing field for new or independent ai builders.”

Henry, CTO of RSS3, added, “Open-source ai models like those on platforms such as Hugging Face encourage collaboration and transparency. By releasing our ai Agent Framework open-source, we take another step forward towards a more accountable and resilient ai ecosystem in an increasingly data-driven world. OpenAgent simplifies the development process and reduces complexity for building Web3 ai applications.”

As RSS3’s OpenAgent embarks on its journey, it brings the promise of a more inclusive future in ai technology. Through open-source innovation and the commitment to decentralization, RSS3 is transforming the landscape of ai development while inviting everyone to be a part of this groundbreaking journey.

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