Charles Hoskinson debunks FUD, confirms active development of Cardano Hydra

Charles Hoskinson debunks FUD, confirms active development of Cardano Hydra - Altcoin News - News

Amidst recent speculation suggesting abandonment of Hydra, Cardano’s much-anticipated layer-2 scaling solution, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the project, has come forward to quell any doubts and emphasize the team’s unwavering commitment. In a post on social media platform X, Hoskinson addressed rumors directly, asserting that not only is the project far from being abandoned, but it is more productive than ever.

Hydra: A Key Innovation for Cardano Ecosystem’s Scalability

Since its mainnet debut in May 2023, Hydra has been a significant point of innovation within the Cardano ecosystem. The project was designed to improve the network’s scalability through a state channel framework, which facilitates the execution of complex transactions and scripts off-chain. This development aims to maintain the security and functionality synonymous with the Cardano mainnet, while addressing a central focus for the team – increasing the current transaction capacity of 1000 transactions per second (TPS).

Addressing Abandonment Rumors: Hydra Continues to Progress

Refuting FUD:

In the face of rumors suggesting abandonment, Hoskinson reiterated that these claims are pure FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). He emphasized ongoing work on the project, which includes bug fixes, optimizations, and exploration of supporting multiple versions of the protocol. Hoskinson also highlighted the importance of community engagement and the development of new papers for enhancements to the protocol.

Recent Updates:

Since its launch, the Hydra team has released several updates. A notable upgrade was to version 0.12.0, which remains compatible with essential components of the Cardano infrastructure. The team is also in the process of developing version 0.15.0 and making significant strides, as per Hoskinson’s post.

Join the Community:

For those interested in learning more about Hydra and becoming part of its growing community, Hoskinson encouraged visiting and joining the Discord server at Stay updated on the latest developments and engage with fellow community members to deepen your understanding of this key innovation within the Cardano ecosystem.

In summary, the rumors surrounding Hydra’s abandonment have been addressed and refuted by Charles Hoskinson himself. The project remains actively developed, with ongoing work focusing on bug fixes, optimizations, and multiple protocol version support. The community is encouraged to join the Discord server for updates and engagement.