Groundbreaking New AI Trading Bot Hits $1M Raised in ICO

Groundbreaking New AI Trading Bot Hits $1M Raised in ICO - Corporate Press Release - News

London, United Kingdom, March 18th, 2024

The Bitbot presale continues to gather momentum at an impressive pace, surpassing the $1 million mark in under 8 weeks. This significant milestone can be attributed to the increasing interest in artificial intelligence (ai) and trading technology, which has brought renewed attention to this innovative new approach to trading.

Bitbot (BITBOT), the groundbreaking non-custodial trading bot, is making waves in the up-and-coming Telegram trading bot market, which currently boasts a market capitalization of over $1 billion. With its unique non-custodial trading capabilities, Bitbot allows users to set up and automate their trades without having to relinquish their private keys or funds before trades execute. This empowers traders with greater control over their assets.

Bitbot’s Impressive Growth

In the year 2024 alone, the trading volume in the Telegram trading bot market has experienced exponential growth, with the cumulative figure rising from $5.2 billion to over $12 billion. Despite encountering several major cyber threats last year, which affected prominent players such as Unibot and Meastro, the sector has managed to recover remarkably well. These incidents resulted in losses of $560k for Unibot and $485k for Meastro, respectively, but both projects have since bounced back, with market caps of $30 million (Unibot) and $86 million (Banana Gun), respectively. These figures underscore the resilience and potential of the Telegram trading bot market.

Bitbot’s non-custodial security approach and anti-rug technology offer crucial differentiators in the face of these past security issues, enabling it to capture market share from existing players. By providing users with enhanced security features, Bitbot is poised to attract potential customers who might have previously been reluctant to engage in the Telegram trading bot space.

A Strong Position for Bitbot in the Current Market

As the ai and ai crypto market continues to surge, with a current market capitalization of over $40 billion, Bitbot is well-positioned to thrive in this dynamic environment. With the bull market showing no signs of slowing down and ai targeting a trillion-dollar market cap, Bitbot’s innovative features are primed to make an impact.

Bitbot’s Gem Scanner tool employs artificial intelligence to scan hundreds of active presales for the most promising projects, while its Snipe the Trade feature allows users to invest in undervalued projects before a potential price surge. These advanced features are designed to operate on autopilot, ensuring that users can capitalize on market trends without requiring constant intervention.

Bitbot: Empowering Users in the Age of ai

Bitbot’s current price is $0.0122, with $63.9% in programmed presale gains yet to be unlocked before the token reaches its final price of $0.0200. Considering these presale gains, along with Bitbot’s potential in the open market and superior security technology, the potential for Bitbot to significantly outperform the market is enormous.

Experience the Future of Trading with Bitbot (BITBOT)

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About Bitbot (BITBOT)

Bitbot is a cutting-edge Telegram trading bot aimed at bringing institutional-grade trading tools to retail users. With a focus on security, Bitbot follows the motto “Your keys, your wallet, your assets.” By partnering with Knightsafe to deliver the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot, Bitbot mitigates counterparty risk and reinforces its security offerings with anti-MEV and anti-rug technology.

For additional information, please visit the official Website, explore the whitepaper, and connect with the community through their social media channels.