Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Welcomes Re:ZERO Heroes in Latest Crossover

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Welcomes Re:ZERO Heroes in Latest Crossover - Blockchain Gaming - News

The mobile shooting RPG game, “Goddess of Victory: NIKKE,” is set to launch its third major crossover event on March 21, 2024. In this exciting collaboration, the game joins forces with the beloved anime series “Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World.” Fans of both franchises are in for a treat as characters Rem, Ram, and Emilia become playable within NIKKE’s universe.

Introducing the New Heroines

“Re:ZERO” follows the story of Subaru, a young man who finds himself transported to a fantasy realm and trapped in a continuous loop of death and rebirth. Central to Subaru’s journey are Emilia, the main female lead, along with her trusted twin maids, Rem and Ram. In the upcoming “Re:cipe For You” event, these characters from “Re:ZERO” cross paths with NIKKE’s Ade, Soda, and Cocoa, weaving a unique narrative themed around maids.

Gaining New Allies

Ram, the maid from “Re:ZERO,” can be obtained for free by completing event stages. This high-value SR-rarity Sniper Rifle unit brings a valuable addition to gamers’ arsenals. In contrast, Emilia and Rem will be available through NIKKE’s gacha system, offering players a chance to add the explosive power of Emila as an SSR-rarity Rocket Launcher unit and the rapid firepower of Rem as an SSR-rarity Machine Gun unit to their roster.

Blending Universes

“Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” has previously collaborated with two other high-profile anime titles, “Chainsaw Man” and “NieR: Automata,” enriching the game with new dimensions and characters. Available on both PC and mobile platforms, NIKKE continues to expand its reach by merging diverse universes, offering players thrilling new experiences.

The Collaboration Continues

As the event is scheduled to begin on March 21, 2024, fans are eagerly anticipating this intriguing fusion of worlds. Previous collaborations have proven successful for NIKKE, with “Chainsaw Man” and “NieR: Automata” bringing new excitement to the game. With this latest addition of characters from “Re:ZERO,” NIKKE promises an unforgettable experience for its players.