zbyte’s SDK Launch: Igniting a New Era in Web3 Growth and Mass Adoption for Creators

zbyte’s SDK Launch: Igniting a New Era in Web3 Growth and Mass Adoption for Creators - Corporate Press Release - News

Cayman, Cayman Islands, March 20th, 2024

Zbyte, the groundbreaking Web3 infrastructure platform, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary new Software Development Kit (SDK). This innovative SDK is set to revolutionize blockchain development and catalyze the growth of Web3 ecosystems by providing an unprecedented level of ease and simplicity. Zbyte’s mission is to make blockchain technology accessible, practical, and inclusive for creators, entrepreneurs, and developers worldwide.

Empowering Developers with Game-Changing Tools

The Zbyte SDK is meticulously designed to streamline the complexities inherent in blockchain development. It simplifies wallet creation, making it an effortless and seed phrase-free process that can be integrated into existing web or mobile apps with just a few lines of code. This is only the beginning; developers are empowered to deploy and invoke smart contract functions directly within their web applications, while managing gas payments seamlessly through Zbyte’s advanced gas manager. This innovative feature significantly enhances the success rate of transactions on blockchain, reducing errors and incomplete transactions.

The Powerhouse Behind Zbyte’s Ecosystem: The DPLAT Token

Central to the Zbyte ecosystem is the DPLAT token, and the SDK will play a pivotal role in driving value accrual for this crucial component.

“Empowering the Future of Web3 Development”: Co-Founder Saurabh Radhakrishnan

“At Zbyte, we understand the challenges developers face when integrating Web2 and blockchain technology. Complex infrastructures, decentralized nature, and security demands are just a few hurdles we’re addressing head-on. Our platform simplifies the development process by offering an integrated environment that allows developers to quickly create blockchain applications. We provide a low-code/no-code environment, intuitive tools, and the necessary APIs and scaling capabilities to make blockchain development straightforward and accessible. We’re excited about our current multichain capabilities on polygon and Avalanche, with plans to expand compatibility for a multitude of other blockchain networks in the future. Our vision is to make blockchain development easier, enabling developers to realize their innovative visions with confidence.”

A Growing Ecosystem of Innovative Developers, Creators, and Companies

Zbyte’s SDK-powered ecosystem is already flourishing. Over a dozen developers, creators, and companies are building on Zbyte’s decentralized platform, with more than a dozen dApps set to go live. Promising entities like IDLink, The F* Word, and UGCVerse have already launched their businesses leveraging Zbyte’s infrastructure.

Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry: IDLink

ID Link’s collaboration with Zbyte is transforming luxury fashion by introducing a product passport that offers detailed insights into the lifecycle of each item, fostering transparency and consumer involvement in sustainable practices. Co-founder Dea Baker emphasizes this partnership as a game changer:

“This collaboration represents a paradigm shift, empowering customers to make informed choices and actively engage in the circular fashion movement. Zbyte’s innovative technology enables a new generation of conscious consumers to participate in a more sustainable future.”

Redefining Digital Engagement: UGCVerse

UGCVerse is redefining digital engagement by creating a dynamic space where virtual items evolve into realworld interactions, reshaping brand relationships with the digital generation. Lian Pham of UGCverse says:

“Our vision is a journey beyond mere transactions, focusing on meaningful connections that resonate with the new generation. We’re thrilled to be powered by Zbyte’s innovative technology to bring virtual and real experiences together.”

Supporting a Diverse Community of Creators: Authors, Designers, Artists, Musicians, and Developers

Zbyte is revolutionizing the transition from Web2 to Web3, serving as the ‘easy button’ for all creators. With a strong pipeline of 25 entities and many upcoming dApps, Zbyte is poised to significantly help the diverse community of creators streamline their journey into the Web3 space.

“Bridging Creative and Technological Worlds”: The F* Word’s Rosmon Sidhik

“Our partnership with Zbyte has been instrumental in bridging the creative and technological worlds, providing an intuitive platform for fashion designers and developers alike.”

About Zbyte: Revolutionizing Web3 Adoption with an Easy-to-Use Platform

Zbyte is a premium ai-enabled, Web3 infrastructure platform driving the acceleration of Web3 adoption by providing an easy-to-use dApp creation platform that supports multiple public blockchains. Zbyte offers a range of features and functionality to enable seamless adoption of Web3, including an API-first approach, multiple Layer1 blockchain support, connectors to Web2 systems, usage of dApps without gas fees, portability of digital assets across chains, and more. Aggregating point solutions in the Web3 industry into one platform enables dApp adoption, leading to more blockchain transactions and developer migration from Web2 at scale.

Zbyte’s commitment to simplifying the development process makes it an ideal solution for creators, developers, and businesses looking to join the Web3 revolution.

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