Rockstar Co-Founder and All-star Line Up Join Advisory Board to Take Metacade into Post Beta Orbit

Rockstar Co-Founder and All-star Line Up Join Advisory Board to Take Metacade into Post Beta Orbit - Corporate Press Release - News

London, United Kingdom, March 28th, 2024, Chainwire

Metacade, the revolutionary Web3 gaming platform, prepares to streak out of beta with a slew of ground-breaking initiatives that will redefine the way blockchain games are developed.

CEO, Russell Bennett, forecasts a series of landmark announcements across Q2 and Q3, 2024. Commencing with the appointment of an advisory board. Jamie King, Dan Hibell, Elly Bradbury, and Anders Christiansen combine premium Web2-Web3 commercial nous to spearhead Metacade’s expansion across Talent, Product, Utility, and Engagement.

As blockchain games gear up to embrace one billion players, Metacade will mobilize advancements in game development. Fostering stronger bonds between games and experienced Web3 players, through immersive tournaments designed to improve gameplay. 

During beta, Metacade experienced high demand for this innovative approach. “Over 60 partners joined the Metacade ecosystem in a few months. It’s evidence that games and gamers seek deeper connection,” notes newly appointed advisor Jamie King, co-founder of Rockstar Games. “Metacade’s commitment to transform tournaments into a multi-asset environment adds substantial value, offering hyper utility for holders and gamers alike. It’s a big vision, focused beyond a single cycle and I’m looking forward to guiding it.”

Proflic angel investor and Web 3 guild expert, Dan Hibell adds, “For Web3 gaming to reach mainstream adoption we have to address accessibility and usability. Gamers don’t want to pay outrageous prices for an item or wait for a node validator to process a transaction before getting their seasonal cosmetic item. Metacade exists to help builders improve these Web3 issues, the infrastructure use case is needed industry-wide.”

Metacade’s test-play tournament model is already proving successful, attracting a fast-growing community of seasoned Web3 gamers chasing rewards for early-stage feedback. “Community is the most under-valued business asset,” says former Director, Columbia Tristar and seasoned Web3 marketing advisor, Elly Bradbury. “Die-hard communities are built on value add experiences, where belonging is about believing. Metacade has invested in all the right early-stage community layers, building a super fan OG culture showing all the hallmarks of explosive brand growth.”

Next stage platform developments draw on partner insights. “Metacade is already booming,” said Bennett. “We have a thriving partner ecosystem with shared values. It’s clear our best shot at backing winners is to innovate frictionless blockchain infrastructure so that our partners can do what they do best; create and innovate.”

To meet this expansion, Metacade’s team will be strategically shaped by leading Web3 recruiter and business development expert, Anders Christiansen. With a proven track record, Christiansen has facilitated 100+ c-suite placements across the industry through his previous business Priority Crypto.

“Metacade’s novel business plan will depend on forward-thinking people with multi-disciplined experience. I’m excited to bring those leading minds to Metacade.”


Metacade is a seamless Web3 Gaming platform connecting developers and players through plug-and-play community initiatives. Providing an unfair advantage through early access, dev-player collaborations, and financial rewards.