U.S. Judge dismisses antitrust lawsuit against Apple filed by Venmo and Cash App users

U.S. Judge dismisses antitrust lawsuit against Apple filed by Venmo and Cash App users - African News - News

Vince Chhabria, a United States District Judge, has thrown out an antitrust suit against Apple, which was filed by Venmo and Cash App customers. 

The complaint which was launched in San Jose on November 17, 2023, accused Apple of anti-competitive practices within the iOS App Store. Accusations pointed at Apple’s restrictive policies that apparently had restrained competitors from including features such as decentralized cryptocurrency payments into their platforms, causing pricing and functionality to patrons.

The court decision on case dismissal was made on March 26, 2024. Multiple critical flaws were noted by Judge Chhabria inside the complaint, listing plaintiffs’ inability to properly outline antitrust actions committed by Apple. Further, the judge wondered what the other payment services such as Zelle were doing omitted from the complaint, noticing a certain incompleteness in the plaintiffs’ critique of Apple’s competitive behavior.

The complaint analysis and Apple’s policies

It was alleged that the terms of service of Apple for apps such as Venmo and Cash App on the App Store stopped these companies from adding cryptocurrency capabilities. Nevertheless, but in the dismissal, Judge Chhabria pointed out Guideline 3.1.5 from the App Store’s Terms of Service that called into question the run on decentralized cryptocurrency transactions. It was not clear how compliance with a guideline that devotes standards for apps that facilitate cryptocurrency transactions could be interpreted as forming an illegal agreement.

Court’s ruling and possibility of amended complaint

In the wake of the dismissal, the plaintiffs have been given 21 days within which to file an amended complaint, a development that could effectively bring back the lawsuit. However, this possibility, as well as the comment by the judge, intimates the pessimistic assessment of the fate of the complaint. The judge warned that the identified deficiencies of the court ruling might not think all of the ailments cited in the complaint, implying the presence of other issues that could weaken the plaintiffs’ cause.

The fact that the antitrust lawsuit against Apple is being dismissed draws attention to a number of issues associated with the app store policies, competition, and the introduction of new payment technologies.