Binance’s Yi He discusses crypto listings, security, and daily emails to CZ

Binance’s Yi He discusses crypto listings, security, and daily emails to CZ

Binance’s Yi He: Crypto Listings, Security, and Daily Emails to CZ

Yi He, the former vice president of Binance, played an instrumental role in shaping the crypto exchange giant’s




sectors. He joined Binance in 2017, initially as the head of business development and later being promoted to the vice president role in early 2019. During his tenure at Binance, He played a crucial part in the exchange’s rapid growth and evolution, contributing significantly to its development as a global leader in cryptocurrency trading.

One of He’s most notable achievements was overseeing the

crypto listings

. Binance prides itself on having a diverse range of cryptocurrencies available for trading, and He was responsible for managing the listing process, which often involved extensive due diligence to ensure that each project met Binance’s stringent criteria. The listing process was critical in attracting new users and projects to the platform, contributing significantly to Binance’s growth.

Another essential aspect of He’s role at Binance was his responsibility for


. As the crypto space is known for its volatile and sometimes risky nature, security has always been a top priority for Binance. He worked closely with Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), to ensure that the exchange remained secure and that any potential vulnerabilities were addressed promptly. His efforts in this area helped build trust among Binance’s user base, ensuring that the exchange remained a go-to platform for many traders and investors.

Despite his busy schedule, He also maintained an open line of communication with CZ via

daily emails

. These emails served as a crucial touchpoint for discussing various aspects of Binance’s business, from strategic planning to operational issues. The daily communication helped ensure that both He and CZ were aligned on the exchange’s goals and direction.

In conclusion, Yi He’s contributions to Binance as its former vice president were vital in establishing the exchange as a global leader in cryptocurrency trading. His work on listing new coins, ensuring security, and maintaining daily communication with CZ played a significant role in Binance’s success story.

Binance’s Yi He discusses crypto listings, security, and daily emails to CZ

Binance: The Global Crypto Exchange Led by Yi He


Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading over 100 cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2017, Binance was created by Changpeng Zhao, better known as CZ, but another key figure behind its success is

Yi He

. Binance has become significant in the crypto industry due to its

high liquidity

, advanced features, and low trading fees. The exchange has also expanded beyond trading with initiatives like





Background on Binance and its Significance

Binance was launched during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) boom, and it quickly rose to become one of the leading exchanges. Its significance lies in its innovative features, such as the

Binance Launchpad

, which helped projects raise funds through token sales. Binance also introduced the concept of

Binance Coin (BNB)

, which is used as a utility token and fuel for transactions on the exchange. The success of Binance can be attributed to its focus on user experience, security, and transparency.

Role of Yi He in Binance and His Contributions

Yi He

, also known as “Coco,” joined Binance in early 2018. As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), He played a crucial role in promoting and expanding the exchange’s presence globally. His contributions include:

  • Leveraging traditional marketing channels like billboards and television ads to bring awareness to Binance.
  • Creating engaging content on social media platforms, resulting in a significant increase in followers and user engagement.
  • Collaborating with influencers and partners to create educational content and events, enhancing the Binance community.

Crypto Listings at Binance

Overview of Binance’s approach to crypto listings

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has become a go-to platform for new coin listings. The decision-making process for new coin listings at Binance is multifaceted and comprehensive. It includes an evaluation of the project’s team, technology, community engagement, and market potential. Community engagement and user feedback play a significant role in Binance’s listing process. The exchange seeks to understand the needs of its users and responds to their preferences.

Decision-making process for new coin listings

The team at Binance conducts thorough research on each project, reviewing its whitepaper, roadmap, and community activity. They also assess the technical aspects of the project, such as the underlying technology and scalability. Binance’s primary focus is to provide its users with high-quality projects that have strong potential for growth.

Importance of community engagement and user feedback

Binance recognizes the importance of involving its users in the decision-making process. They often invite projects to apply for listing through their “Binance Launchpad” platform. The community’s response to each project is closely monitored, and user feedback plays a crucial role in the final decision.

Benefits of listing on Binance

Listing on Binance offers numerous advantages for new projects, the most notable being an increase in liquidity and trading volume. Being listed on a reputable exchange with a large user base provides exposure to potential investors, leading to increased interest and demand for the project. Furthermore, Binance’s user base is diverse and global, offering projects access to a vast market.

Controversies and criticism surrounding Binance’s listing practices

Despite the benefits of listing on Binance, controversies and criticisms have emerged. Some critics argue that Binance shows favoritism towards certain projects or teams, suggesting a lack of transparency and centralization. Binance has responded to these concerns by implementing initiatives such as “Binance Launchpool” and “Transparency Reports,” which aim to address the allegations and promote fairness in listing practices.

Binance’s Yi He discusses crypto listings, security, and daily emails to CZ

I Security Measures at Binance

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, security is an essential aspect that demands utmost attention. The crypto industry, with its decentralized nature and massive financial transactions, has become an attractive target for malicious actors. Therefore, it’s crucial for leading exchanges like Binance to implement robust security measures to protect their users and assets.

Binance’s approach to security

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, recognizes the importance of security in the industry. The exchange employs a multi-faceted approach to ensure the protection of its users’ assets and maintain trust within the community.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Security Token (BNB) requirements

One of the fundamental security features implemented by Binance is the requirement for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This added layer of protection enhances account security by requiring users to enter a unique verification code, in addition to their password, during the login process. Moreover, Binance also requires the use of its native security token, BNB, for specific account actions such as withdrawals to further strengthen the platform’s defenses.

Regular system updates and maintenance

Binance dedicates significant resources to maintaining a secure environment, including regular system updates and rigorous maintenance activities. These efforts help ensure that the exchange remains at the forefront of security best practices and is equipped to handle any emerging threats in the crypto landscape.

Incident responses and transparency

The potential for security breaches or incidents is a constant concern within the crypto industry. Binance has demonstrated its commitment to incident response and transparency through its proactive approach in addressing security incidents when they occur.

Examples of notable security incidents and Binance’s response

One of the most significant examples includes the May 2019 hack that resulted in the theft of approximately $40 million worth of Bitcoin from Binance’s hot wallet. The exchange responded swiftly by suspending deposits and withdrawals, initiating a thorough investigation, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies to track down the culprits. The stolen funds were later recovered through various means, including on-chain analysis and cooperation with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Importance of communication and community trust in crisis situations

Incidents like these highlight the importance of open and timely communication between exchanges and their users during a crisis. Binance prioritizes keeping its community informed throughout the entire process, providing regular updates on the situation and steps taken to mitigate any potential risks. This level of transparency plays a crucial role in maintaining trust within the community and ensuring that users feel confident in the exchange’s ability to protect their assets.

Binance’s Yi He discusses crypto listings, security, and daily emails to CZ

Daily Emails to CZ (Changpeng Zhao) from Yi He:

Background and significance of these emails

The daily emails sent by Yi He to Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, have become a significant aspect of Binance’s decision-making process and offer unique insights into the inner workings of one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Yi He, a former employee and close confidant of CZ, was responsible for managing various aspects of Binance’s operations. These emails served as a critical communication channel between the two individuals, enabling them to discuss and address various matters that required their attention.

Role in Binance’s decision-making process

The daily emails played a pivotal role in shaping Binance’s strategies and responses to various market developments, partnership opportunities, security incidents, and user feedback. CZ relied on Yi He for his expertise, insights, and recommendations, making these emails an essential component of Binance’s decision-making process.

Examples of email topics

New coin listings and partnerships

Numerous emails focused on potential new coin listings and partnerships, offering a glimpse into Binance’s strategies for expanding its offerings and fostering relationships within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Security incidents and crisis management

Emails addressing security incidents and crisis management were another common topic, revealing the importance of maintaining robust security measures and effectively communicating with users during challenging times.

User feedback and community engagement

Lastly, user feedback and community engagement were key themes in many emails, reflecting Binance’s dedication to listening to its users and fostering a strong and active community.

Implications of these emails for Binance’s stakeholders

Transparency and communication with the community

The daily emails also served as a powerful tool for maintaining transparency and open communication with Binance’s community, contributing to increased trust and confidence among its stakeholders.

Potential for increased investor confidence and trust

By providing insights into Binance’s decision-making processes and addressing various concerns through transparent communication, the emails helped to solidify investor confidence and trust in the exchange.

Controversies surrounding these emails and Binance’s response

Privacy concerns and potential risks

Despite the benefits, controversies arose regarding the privacy implications of these emails. Critics argued that the public disclosure of email content could potentially put users at risk and violate their privacy expectations.

Binance’s stance on transparency and the importance of maintaining community trust

Binance, however, defended its decision to share these emails, emphasizing the importance of transparency and maintaining community trust. The exchange maintained that the benefits far outweighed the potential risks, ultimately strengthening its reputation as a trusted and responsive player in the cryptocurrency space.

Binance’s Yi He discusses crypto listings, security, and daily emails to CZ


Yi He, a key figure in Binance’s early days, played an instrumental role in the exchange’s growth.


, he was responsible for crypto listings on Binance, which attracted a large user base due to his keen understanding of the market.


, Yi He ensured security was a top priority, implementing measures that helped Binance become one of the most trusted exchanges. Lastly, he established the daily email communication line between Yi He and Changpeng Zhao (CZ), which was crucial for making informed decisions.

Recap of Yi He’s role in Binance

Implications for Binance, the crypto industry, and investors

The departure of Yi He from Binance marked a significant change. Binance, as a leading crypto exchange, faced challenges in maintaining its position, especially with regard to regulatory compliance. Yi He’s expertise and knowledge would have been valuable in navigating these challenges. Nevertheless, the crypto industry as a whole benefited from Binance’s growth, as it paved the way for other exchanges to enter the market and compete effectively. Investors also gained access to a wider range of crypto assets and improved trading infrastructure, thanks to Binance’s success.

Future prospects and challenges for Binance

Binance continues to face both opportunities and challenges in its quest to remain the leading crypto exchange. The crypto market‘s volatility presents ongoing risks, but Binance’s strong brand and user base offer a solid foundation.


, Binance plans to expand its presence in traditional financial markets, aiming for greater institutional adoption.


, the exchange will likely face increasing regulatory scrutiny, necessitating a robust compliance strategy.


, Binance needs to innovate and stay ahead of the competition by offering unique features, such as decentralized exchange platforms and staking services.