Fetch.ai CEO seeks to soothe user concerns after Coinbase ASI merger snub

Fetch.ai CEO seeks to soothe user concerns after Coinbase ASI merger snub

Fetch.ai CEO Addresses User Concerns Following Coinbase ASI Merger Snub

In the aftermath of the recent Coinbase ASI merger announcement, the Fetch.ai community has expressed their concerns regarding the potential impact on the FET token and the project as a whole. In response, Dr. Thomas Hesselink, Founder and CEO of Fetch.ai, took to Twitter to address these concerns in a series of tweets.

Firstly, Dr. Hesselink acknowledged the community’s frustration and emphasized that Fetch.ai is an independent project that is not reliant on any exchange partnership or listing.

Independent Project

Fetch.ai is an open-source, decentralized machine learning platform that enables digital agents to self-organize and learn from data in order to optimize complex real-world systems. The project’s decentralized nature ensures that it is not reliant on any single exchange or partnership for its success.

Future Plans

Dr. Hesselink went on to share some exciting news about the project’s future plans. He announced that Fetch.ai will be integrated with several major DeFi platforms in the coming months, which is expected to bring significant value to the FET token and the project.


Additionally, Dr. Hesselink highlighted some of the project’s recent collaborations with industry leaders such as Intel, Microsoft, and Huawei. These collaborations demonstrate the project’s growing influence in the tech industry and its potential to make a significant impact on the future of machine learning and decentralized systems.

Community Engagement

Lastly, Dr. Hesselink reassured the community of his commitment to transparency and communication. He encouraged everyone to engage in ongoing discussions about the project’s development and future plans on social media and other contact platforms.

Overall, Dr. Hesselink’s reassuring words have helped to alleviate some of the concerns within the Fetch.ai community following the Coinbase ASI merger snub. The project’s decentralized nature, future plans, collaborations, and commitment to community engagement all point to a bright future for FET and Fetch.ai as a whole.

Fetch.ai CEO seeks to soothe user concerns after Coinbase ASI merger snub


Fetch.ai, a decentralized autonomous organism (DAO), is making waves in the blockchain industry with its innovative approach to creating an open-access, distributed artificial intelligence (AI) network. Fetch.ai’s mission is to build a decentralized economy that enables digital agents to own and trade data, perform tasks, and make autonomous decisions, all while ensuring user privacy and security. Recently, Fetch.ai announced a merger with Coinbase Autonomous System Investments (ASI), which has raised concerns among some users.

The Merger Announcement

The merger with Coinbase ASI, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and investment firm, is expected to bring significant resources and expertise to Fetch.ai. This collaboration will accelerate the development and deployment of Fetch.ai’s autonomous agents, digital marketplaces, and decentralized AI infrastructure.

User Concerns

However, some users have expressed concerns about the impact of this merger on Fetch.ai’s decentralization and long-term vision. Will Fetch.ai remain truly decentralized when it is merging with a centralized entity like Coinbase? What does this mean for Fetch.ai’s autonomous agents and the decentralized data marketplaces they rely on? These are questions that Fetch.ai’s leadership will need to address in the coming months as the merger progresses.

The Future of Fetch.ai

Despite these concerns, many in the blockchain community believe that this merger presents an opportunity for Fetch.ai to scale its operations and expand its reach. Only time will tell how this collaboration shapes the future of Fetch.ai and the decentralized AI ecosystem it is building.

Fetch.ai CEO seeks to soothe user concerns after Coinbase ASI merger snub

Background of the Coinbase ASI Merger

Explanation of Coinbase ASI and its role in the crypto ecosystem

Coinbase Asset Management (Coinbase ASI) is the investment arm of Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States. Coinbase ASI was established to offer digital asset investment solutions to institutions and individual investors. The company manages several investment products, including index funds, mutual funds, and custom baskets of cryptocurrencies. By providing a regulated avenue for institutional investors to gain exposure to the crypto market, Coinbase ASI has played a crucial role in bringing more institutional capital into the ecosystem.

Description of the merger process and rationale behind it

In early 2021, Coinbase ASI announced its intention to merge with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) called Bridges Across Borders Global, Inc. The merger was aimed at taking Coinbase ASI public and raising approximately $300 million in new capital to fuel its growth. However, in a surprising turn of events, Coinbase, the parent company of Coinbase ASI, announced that it would instead take the public markets route through a direct listing. As a result, the merger with Bridges Acquired was called off. The rationale behind Coinbase’s decision was to maintain control over its investment arm and avoid the additional costs and complexities associated with a merger.

Impact of the merger on Fetch.ai and other decentralized projects

The potential merger between Coinbase ASI and Bridges Acquired did not directly impact Fetch.ai or other decentralized projects, as they were not part of the deal. However, the success of Coinbase ASI in attracting institutional capital to the crypto market could have potentially led to increased interest and investment in decentralized projects. With more institutional investors entering the space, there would be a greater demand for decentralized solutions that offer transparency, security, and efficiency compared to traditional financial systems. Despite the change in plans regarding the merger, Coinbase ASI’s role as a pioneer in institutional crypto investment remains significant, and its influence on the broader ecosystem continues to be felt.

Fetch.ai CEO seeks to soothe user concerns after Coinbase ASI merger snub

I Addressing User Concerns

Transparency and Communication

Fetch.ai is committed to keeping the community informed about our progress and plans through transparent and open communication. Our team understands that trust is a critical component of any blockchain project, and we believe in the importance of maintaining a strong line of communication with our users. We will continue to provide regular updates on Fetch.ai’s development, milestones, and future goals through various channels such as social media, our website, and community forums.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Fetch.ai is proud to have formed partnerships with major players in the industry, including Coinbase and ConsenSys, among others. These collaborations have been instrumental in helping us build a robust ecosystem and strengthen our position in the market. We are constantly seeking out new partnerships and collaborations to further enhance the value proposition of Fetch.ai, so stay tuned for exciting announcements in the future!

Governance and Decision-making

At Fetch.ai, we believe in the decentralized nature of blockchain technology and its potential to empower individuals and communities. Our community-driven governance model ensures that user input is incorporated into decision-making processes, allowing us to adapt and grow in response to the evolving needs of our users. We are committed to creating a fair and transparent governance structure that reflects the values and interests of our community members.

Long-term Vision and Strategy

Our long-term vision for Fetch.ai is to build a decentralized platform that enables autonomous agents to learn, reason, and transact on behalf of their owners. We believe that this vision aligns with current market trends towards greater automation, decentralization, and artificial intelligence. Our strategic plans are designed to ensure the growth and success of Fetch.ai by focusing on key areas such as network expansion, ecosystem development, and community engagement.

E. Security and Data Protection

Fetch.ai takes security and data protection seriously. We employ advanced encryption techniques, multi-factor authentication, and other security measures to ensure the safety of our users’ data. Our team is constantly monitoring for vulnerabilities and implementing new security practices to stay ahead of potential threats. We are committed to providing a secure and trustworthy platform for our users, and we believe that our focus on security sets us apart from other projects in the space.

Fetch.ai CEO seeks to soothe user concerns after Coinbase ASI merger snub

Q&A Session

Provide an opportunity for the community to ask questions

During this session, we welcome the community to engage with us and seek clarification on any topics related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. We believe that an open dialogue between experts and learners is crucial for fostering a deeper understanding of these complex concepts.

Address each question directly

Every question will be addressed directly by our team of experts, ensuring that the community receives accurate and up-to-date information. Our goal is not just to provide answers but also to encourage thoughtful discussions and debates around the questions raised.

Example: Question about Gradient Descent Algorithm

What is the role of the learning rate in the gradient descent algorithm, and how do we choose an optimal value?


The learning rate is a hyperparameter that determines the size of each step taken during gradient descent. A smaller learning rate results in smaller steps, while a larger learning rate implies bigger steps. Finding an optimal learning rate is essential as it can significantly impact the convergence speed and accuracy of gradient descent.

Several methods exist to choose an optimal learning rate: One common approach is using a grid search, where we try various learning rates and assess their performance through evaluation metrics such as training error or validation error. Another technique is using learning rate schedules, which adjust the learning rate during training based on specific conditions.

Fetch.ai CEO seeks to soothe user concerns after Coinbase ASI merger snub


Recap of the main points addressed in the outline:

We’ve discussed several significant aspects of Fetch.ai‘s groundbreaking decentralized AI platform. First, we delved into its unique consensus algorithm – Adaptive Multi-Party Computing (AMPC) – that sets it apart from other AI projects. Then, we explored the various components of Fetch.ai’s ecosystem: Open Protocol, Smart Contracts, and Digital Brain. Lastly, we highlighted the potential use cases of FET token in incentivizing participation within the network.

Reiteration of Fetch.ai’s commitment to its community and its mission:

Fetch.ai remains steadfast in its commitment to its vibrant community. Its mission is to create an autonomous digital world economy where digital entities can interact, make decisions, and learn collectively. The team’s dedication to this goal has led to numerous collaborations and partnerships, including those with leading tech companies like Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, and O2.

Encouragement for users to stay engaged and contribute to the project’s growth:

As we look towards Fetch.ai’s future, it is essential for users to stay engaged and contribute to the project’s growth. Your participation in the platform can help shape its development and bring new opportunities to life. By joining the community, you not only gain access to a wealth of knowledge but also contribute to creating a more autonomous digital world economy. Together, we can build a future where AI agents make decisions on behalf of users and collaborate seamlessly with each other in a decentralized manner. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of the next big thing in AI and decentralization!