MANTRA Aims to Bring RWA Tokenization to The Middle East and Asia

MANTRA Aims to Bring RWA Tokenization to The Middle East and Asia - Press Release - News

Dubai, UAE, March 14th, 2024. Chainwire

MANTRA, the blockchain platform pioneering Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization, has announced a significant milestone towards mainstreaming RWA adoption with its application for essential financial licenses in the UAE. The anticipated acquisition of these licenses will enable MANTRA to expand its reach to a global customer base and empower businesses to capitalize on the numerous benefits of RWA asset tokenization.

MANTRA’s layer1 blockchain, known as MANTRA Chain, is purposely engineered to facilitate the issuance and trading of tokenized RWAs. In 2024, MANTRA’s primary objective is to attract financial organizations and commercial enterprises seeking to leverage the advantages of tokenized RWAs. To establish a fully compliant RWA infrastructure, MANTRA’s dedicated teams in Hong Kong and UAE have gained extensive knowledge of the evolving regulatory frameworks in critical regions. By securing its first financial licenses in the UAE, MANTRA intends to lead the RWA sector throughout the Middle East and Asia.

MANTRA’s vision is to spearhead the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs) and establish a global standard for security, compliance, and innovation. By obtaining a foothold in strategic markets like Asia and the UAE, MANTRA aims to bridge the divide between traditional financial systems and the blockchain space. This will democratize access to wealth and opportunity on an unprecedented scale.

Security is a cornerstone of MANTRA’s RWA tokenization strategy, as its comprehensive licensing framework and security-first layer1 blockchain ensure adherence to stringent security protocols. This not only meets platform adoption requirements but also safeguards tokenized assets. In recent weeks, MANTRA has made significant progress in decentralizing its network by securing worldwide validator support. The upcoming launch of the final MANTRA testnet, Hongbai, symbolizes a harmonious blend of Hong Kong and Dubai influences. This milestone will be a crucial step towards MANTRA Chain becoming the first RWA layer 1 on cosmos.


MANTRA aspires to be the first RWA L1 blockchain capable of enforcing and adhering to realworld regulatory requirements. By accelerating the adoption of tokenized RWAs, MANTRA holds potential to unlock the $16 trillion RWA economy with a regulatory-ready blockchain. Through MANTRA Chain’s compliant framework, TradFi companies can seamlessly switch to and utilize asset tokenization and blockchain solutions, driving global RWA growth.

MANTRA addresses critical industry challenges, including liquidity fragmentation and cross-chain interoperability, creating a secure, scalable infrastructure. MANTRA will also provide a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) offering users a diversified product suite centered around easy access to tokenized realworld assets.

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