Zscaler Acquire Israeli AI Firm for $310 Million to Bolster Security Offerings

Zscaler Acquire Israeli AI Firm for $310 Million to Bolster Security Offerings - Trending News - News

Zscaler Acquires Avalor: Boosting Cloud Security with Cutting-edge ai Technology

On Thursday, Zscaler, a renowned name in the realm of cloud security, announced the acquisition of Avalor, an Israeli startup distinguished for its advanced artificial intelligence (ai) data analysis capabilities. The reported deal, valued at a substantial $310 million, underscores Zscaler’s commitment to strengthening its security offerings with the latest ai technology.

Zscaler: Doing Security Better with ai

Avalor, established in 2021, utilizes ai to analyze vast volumes of data and unearth hidden security threats. Impressed by this innovative technology, Zscaler’s CEO, Jay Chaudhry, extolled Avalor’s potential to help them “do security far better than the way we are doing it.”

This acquisition presents a significant growth opportunity for Avalor. Leveraging Zscaler’s vast resources and data, Avalor’s ai is poised to reach its full potential.

Raanan Raz, Avalor’s co-founder, described the partnership as a “match made in heaven.” With Zscaler’s data fueling Avalor’s powerful ai analysis, the company saw Zscaler as the key to unlocking its full potential. Raz emphasized, “one plus one equals eleven” in this case.

Zscaler continues to actively pursue the acquisition of new security solutions.

Israeli Security Startups and Cybersecurity: A Growing Trend

The recent surge in acquisitions by major cybersecurity players like Palo Alto Networks and Crowdstrike, as well as Zscaler’s acquisition of Avalor, highlights the growing need for robust cybersecurity solutions amid international conflicts. Avihai Michaeli, a partner at PwC Israel, acknowledged the unfortunate reality, stating, “War is bad, but it’s good for the cyber business.”

Why Cybersecurity Firms are Tapping ai

The digital world is a dynamic landscape, and so too are the threats that hide within it. Hackers are evolving their tactics to steal data and disrupt operations. However, ai is proving an invaluable asset for cybersecurity companies as they strive to mitigate these threats.

Over the past few months, there has been a growing trend of companies integrating ai’s analytical prowess, predictive power, and adaptability to significantly improve their cybersecurity posture.

Earlier this month, Cloudflare, a leading internet security provider, unveiled its new ai model that offers personalized security strategies for organizations by analyzing their unique traffic patterns to identify and mitigate specific threats they face. 24Bitcoin reported on this development.