Minecraft Releases a New Update that Might Risk Losing Worlds 

Minecraft Releases a New Update that Might Risk Losing Worlds  - Blockchain Gaming - News

In a recent post on their social media platform, Mojang, the renowned keyboards development company behind Minecraft, has issued a serious warning to players using Windows 10 and 11. The warning specifically targets those who update the keyboards via the Xbox app. The reason for this advice? A significant risk of losing their precious Minecraft worlds, an absolute horror scenario for any dedicated gamer.

Delving Deeper into the Issue

At the heart of Mojang’s warning lies a critical bug related to the Xbox app update process. This glitch presents a serious threat to player saves, with the potential to erase them entirely. In response to this issue, Microsoft has taken swift action and provided players with detailed instructions on their forums to help them navigate around this precarious predicament.

Steps to Secure Your Gaming Experience

For those who wish to safeguard their Minecraft gaming experience, the solution is a simple series of steps. First, players should launch the Xbox app and click on their profile icon. Next, they need to select the Support option, followed by clicking on the Gaming Services Repair Tool and initiating the Start Troubleshooting process. This procedure ensures that the Gaming Services are updated to version 19.87.13001.0, effectively eliminating the bug that jeopardizes Minecraft worlds on Windows.

The Importance of Saving Your Minecraft Worlds

Although this bug poses a threat to many players, it’s essential to remember its limitations. Minecraft: Java Edition players remain unaffected by this issue. Nevertheless, for those deeply engrossed in the Minecraft for Windows (Bedrock) version, it’s vital to take proactive measures. In response to this issue, Mojang has offered a ray of hope in the form of world backups.

How to Backup Your Minecraft Worlds

Backing up a world in Minecraft for Windows is an effortless process. Players can protect their digital creations by selecting the world they wish to preserve, hitting the edit button, scrolling down to the Export World option, and choosing a secure location for their world file. This straightforward strategy not only shields players from potential update-related calamities but also enables the transfer of worlds across different devices, ensuring that one’s labor of love transcends platform boundaries.


Though this bug may cast a dark shadow over the gaming experience for many, it’s crucial to remember that knowledge is power. By following these simple steps provided by Mojang and Microsoft, players can safeguard their Minecraft worlds and continue building their digital creations without fear of loss.


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