Solana community embroiled in NFT tussle with Dogwifhat owners

Solana community embroiled in NFT tussle with Dogwifhat owners - African News - News

In the fascinating world of Shiba Inu-themed meme coins, where endearing memes and a distinct language reign supreme, recent disagreements have emerged within the Solana community. These discords stem from a contentious issue surrounding an NFT depicting the real-life Shiba Inu named Achi, who has served as the inspiration for the renowned Dogwifhat (WIF) meme coin.

Dogwifhat owners and the Solana ecosystem face a disagreement over the ownership of NFT featuring Shiba Inu Achi

A South Korean Instagram user, who goes by the handle @achi_wif, recently disclosed that Achi, the beloved Shiba Inu displayed in the “Dogwifhat” meme, is their cherished pet. This revelation was accompanied by plans to auction an NFT of the iconic image of Achi donning a woven beanie, which they had created for their canine companion years ago. @achi_wif’s Instagram profile showcases numerous photographs of Achi adorned with various woven outfits, dating back to the past five years.

Additionally, @achi_wif’s profile includes the well-known “Dogwifhat” photo that gained widespread attention in January 2019. Feisty DAO, an experienced contact community known for acquiring and dividing Shiba Inu-related NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, has confirmed @achi_wif as the legitimate owner of Achi. However, this announcement has ignited tensions within the WIF community and among other Solana users.

Achi’s owners collaborate with Ethereum-based Feisty DAO for NFT auction

Many expressed disappointment that Achi’s owners elected to partner with Feisty DAO, an Ethereum-based organization, for the NFT auction. The new Achi NFT will be minted as an Ethereum NFT and is currently up for auction on the Foundation platform. The highest bid for this valuable NFT stands at 50 ETH, equivalent to over $182,000.

Requests for collaboration and platform preferences

Despite the requests for Achi’s parents to collaborate with the WIF team on Solana instead, they have urged the community to cease criticism and instead offer support. It is worth noting that Achi’s owners attempted to collaborate with Solana users earlier, but those efforts soured when a meme coin called ACHI, backed by Achi’s parents, allegedly abandoned the project shortly after its launch.

As a result, Achi’s owners decided to work with Feisty DAO for the NFT auction due to their successful track record in NFT sales. Although some members of the WIF community expressed anger over not being involved in the NFT launch, it appears that little effort was made to reach out to Achi’s family prior to the auction.

Limited communication between WIF community and Achi’s owners

Despite the significant market capitalization of WIF, which currently exceeds $3 billion, and substantial bids for the Achi NFT, there was minimal communication between the WIF community and Achi’s owners until recently. Path, a representative of Feisty DAO overseeing the Achi NFT auction, mentioned considering re-minting the NFT on Solana if there’s interest from the Solana community. However, attempts to engage prominent WIF community members, such as Ansem, in purchasing the Achi NFT on Solana were unsuccessful.

The complexities and challenges within the Shiba Inu-themed meme coin ecosystem

These tensions between the WIF community and Achi’s owners shed light on the complexities and challenges within the Shiba Inu-themed meme coin ecosystem, particularly concerning NFTs and partnerships across diverse blockchain platforms. It is an intriguing reminder of the dynamic nature of this captivating space and the importance of clear communication and collaboration among community members and projects.