EA Shuts Down Battlefield Studio Amid Layoffs

EA Shuts Down Battlefield Studio Amid Layoffs - African News - News

The gaming industry has recently witnessed a notable development with Electronic Arts (EA) announcing the closure of Ridgeline Games, a studio that played a pivotal role in creating narrative and character elements for the Battlefield franchise. This decision comes as part of EA’s broader restructuring initiative, which includes workforce reductions affecting approximately 5% of the company’s employees.

Background of Ridgeline Games

Founded in 2021, Ridgeline Games was led by industry veteran Marcus Lehto. The studio, which played a significant role in developing Battlefield’s narrative and character components, will now cease operations as part of EA’s restructuring efforts. Lehto departed from the company last month, leading to this outcome.

Implications for Battlefield franchise

The shuttering of Ridgeline Games casts doubt on the future direction and creative elements of the Battlefield franchise. With Lehto’s team being instrumental in shaping the narrative and character aspects of the series, its closure indicates a shift in EA’s approach towards Battlefield’s creative vision.

Larger industry trend of layoffs

EA’s decision to close Ridgeline Games forms part of a larger wave of layoffs in the gaming industry. The publisher confirmed that its workforce reduction would impact approximately 670 employees, representing around 5% of EA’s total workforce. This trend underscores the challenges that gaming companies face due to evolving market dynamics and shifting consumer preferences.

Star Wars FPS title cancellation

In addition to the closure of Ridgeline Games, EA revealed that it had cancelled a Star Wars first-person shooter (FPS) title being developed by Respawn Entertainment. This strategic move reflects EA’s focus on allocating resources towards its most profitable intellectual properties (IPs).

Marcus Lehto’s perspective

Marcus Lehto, Ridgeline Games’ co-founder and former narrative director at the studio, has expressed concern over industry-wide layoffs on social media. In a recent post on X, Lehto highlighted the implications of these job cuts for himself and his former team, as well as expressing reservations regarding EA’s handling of the situation.

Project transfer to Ripple Effect

Post the closure of Ridgeline Games, EA announced that its projects would be transitioned to Ripple Effect, another studio under its wing. Danny Isaac and Darren White from Criterion will oversee the upcoming Battlefield game’s single-player content, signifying a reorganization of responsibilities within the company.