Americans Divided on AI Use in Insurance: Survey Reveals Consumer Sentiments

Americans Divided on AI Use in Insurance: Survey Reveals Consumer Sentiments - AI - News

Insurity’s Recent Survey Reveals American Attitudes Towards artificial intelligence (ai) Integration in the Property/Casualty (P/C) Insurance Sector: A Complex Landscape of Approval and Skepticism

Insurity, a leading cloud software provider for the insurance industry, has released the findings of a survey conducted among over 1,000 adult participants in the United States. This comprehensive study sheds light on American attitudes towards ai integration within the property/casualty insurance sector.

One-Third of Respondents Welcome ai in Insurance

Approximately one-third (33%) of the survey participants expressed approval for the incorporation of ai by insurance companies. However, a sizeable portion (42%) indicated that they would be less inclined to purchase insurance from providers openly acknowledging their use of ai technology.

Positive Experiences Alleviate Negative Perceptions

Despite the skepticism, an impressive 63% of consumers who had previous interactions with ai through their insurers reported positive experiences. These findings underline the importance of firsthand encounters with ai services in reshaping consumer perceptions towards this technology.

The Role of Proactive Education and Transparency in Addressing Consumer Concerns

Insurity’s report underscores the crucial role of proactive efforts within the insurance industry to alleviate consumer concerns and accentuate the advantages of ai-driven solutions. Chris Lafond, Insurity’s CEO, emphasized the importance of insurers investing in education, transparency, and effective communication strategies.

The Future of ai Integration in Insurance: Bridging the Gap Between Consumer Apprehensions and Transformative Capabilities

As the insurance industry continues to evolve with technological advancements, consumer attitudes towards ai integration remain divided. While a substantial segment of Americans express reservations regarding the use of ai by insurers, positive experiences with ai-driven services have demonstrated their potential to alleviate skepticism. Insurity’s call for industry-wide education and transparency underscores the significance of insurers bridging the gap between consumer apprehensions and the transformative capabilities of ai in enhancing insurance operations and customer experiences.

The road ahead for insurers is to foster informed consumer engagement and prioritize transparency in showcasing the tangible benefits of ai integration within the insurance sector. By doing so, insurers can navigate the evolving landscape of consumer sentiments and drive meaningful advancements in ai-driven insurance solutions.


Despite some uncertainties, it is clear that the insurance sector’s future lies in ai integration. As consumers become more accustomed to this technology, transparency and education will be essential components for insurers seeking to capitalize on the potential of ai-driven solutions. By focusing on these aspects, insurers can effectively address consumer concerns and reap the rewards of an enhanced insurance experience for their clients.