Seventh Infantry’s Impact in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Sparks Fan Speculation for Part 3

Seventh Infantry’s Impact in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Sparks Fan Speculation for Part 3 - Reviews - News

The much-anticipated new addition to the esteemed Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, continues to garner immense enthusiasm from fans as it breathes new life into the cherished classic. Amongst the myriad of unforgettable moments, a scene that has left an indelible mark is the parade in Junon. This revamped event not only adds depth to the original game but also fosters a profound bond between the protagonist, Cloud, and the Seventh Infantry – a regiment of Shinra soldiers.

Junon Parade: A Pivotal Moment in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In the revamped version of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players are treated to an extraordinary sequence where Cloud forms a profound connection with members of the Seventh Infantry during the Junon parade. This expanded narrative significantly enhances the gaming experience, incorporating the unique charm that defines the remake. Players work together with their newfound squadron as they traverse Junon. Each member contributes support during battles, inadvertently aiding Cloud’s escape from the city.

“The Seventh Infantry is absolutely fantastic,” shared Minev1128 on the Final Fantasy subreddit, reflecting the widespread adoration for this group. Numerous fans echoed this sentiment, expressing their hopes for the Seventh Infantry’s comeback in the upcoming sequel, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Part 3. Notably, their charismatic leader – affectionately referred to as “Commander Waifu” by fans – has generated considerable attention despite not having an officially recognized name in the game.

The Highwind Connection: A Promising Theory

An intriguing fan theory suggests that the Seventh Infantry could play a crucial role in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Part 3 by collaborating with Cid, an accomplished pilot, to manage the Highwind – the iconic airship in the series. Given that the sequel has been confirmed to incorporate an airship, speculation regarding the Seventh Infantry’s involvement is rampant. Fans envision the group as invaluable crew members, facilitating Cloud and his companions’ journey across Midgar.

The widespread admiration and fascination towards the Seventh Infantry serve as a testament to the excitement surrounding their potential return in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Part 3. Although Square Enix has been guarded about the sequel’s specifics, the fervor of fans implies a high probability of the group’s reemergence. With previous character revivals in the series setting a precedent, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the Seventh Infantry’s inclusion in the forthcoming installment.