Near Foundation unveils new multi-chain feature for its users

Near Foundation unveils new multi-chain feature for its users - African News - News

The nonprofit organization behind the layer-1 protocol, Near Foundation has revealed a significant advancement in the introduction of Chain Signatures. The new transactions-on-any-blockchain-from-a-near-account/” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>feature will allow users on the platform to access multiple chains using their account, enhancing interoperability across multiple chains in the blockchain ecosystem.

Near Foundation unveils its new multi-chain features

The validators set up by the platform will safeguard the decentralized multi-party computation (MPC) network, through where the chain signatures will operate. These cryptographic signatures will allow users on the platform to sign transactions on a blockchain using a private key connected to another account on another blockchain. This way, it is easier to facilitate swift interaction across multiple blockchain networks.

One notable update is the partnership between Near and the restaking platform built on Ethereum, Eigenlayer. The participation of Eigenlayer as a launch partner will ensure the security of the Chain Signatures network, thereby ensuring confidence in the new cross-chain feature. The implications of Chain Signatures are of extreme value in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

One of the few benefits of the update is that it will open up a new way for developers to create products in the decentralized finance sector that will leverage assets from different chains without the need for complex bridging mechanisms. It will also help the developers to simplify user experience while expanding the array of decentralized finance services available to them. Moreover, Chain Signatures offers support to a wide range of popular networks including Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Dogecoin, and cosmos.

Near also has plans to offer support to other chains like Solana, Polkadots, The Open Network, and a list of others, thereby increasing its cross-chain capabilities. One very important component of the Chain Signature is the Multichain Gas Relayer, which allows users to make transactions without the need for the native gas tokens of other chains while making transactions.

Streamlining blockchain transactions with multichain gas relayer

Users are allowed to use Near tokens or NEP-141 tokens to pay for transactions across all the supported blockchains, streamlining the process and reducing the technical complexity for them. This upgrade is in line with Near’s ‘chain abstraction’ strategy which aims for a simplified and smooth user experience in the complex multichain ecosystem.

By addressing the challenges facing interoperability and scaling it with features like the Chain Signatures, Near is leading the way into a seamless and interconnected blockchain ecosystem. While Chain Signatures are still operational only on its testnet, Near is gearing up toward a mainnet release by early May. This timeline buttresses Near’s commitment to provide rapid innovation while deploying cutting-edge solutions in the blockchain ecosystem.

Despite Near’s recent announcement of its workforce adjustments, the company has shown a significant improvement in terms of user engagement, judging by its 1,902% increase in active wallets interacting with its applications in the Web3 ecosystem. This shows a strong interest and adoption of the platform’s services within the crypto community.

Additionally, the firm’s financials are improving, with its treasury balance showing a growth of 330 million NEAR tokens, valued at $350 million, buttressing its strong financial capability. However, the recent departure of former CEO Marieke Flament in 2023, marked a turnaround in Near’s leadership. Flament left her position as CEO after overseeing tremendous growth during her tenure at NEAR.

Near’s Chain Signatures feature presents a significant step to enhance blockchain-for-growth/” data-type=”post” data-id=”502220″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>blockchain interoperability and enable new use cases in the decentralized finance sector. With its ongoing partnerships and development, Near has continued to push for innovative solutions while expanding its footprint in the ever-evolving blockchain space.