Zircuit Unveils Build-to-Earn Program to Boost Ecosystem Growth

Zircuit Unveils Build-to-Earn Program to Boost Ecosystem Growth - Industry News - News

Zircuit is a cutting-edge ZK roll-up platform known for its full EVM compatibility, parallelized circuits, and ai-enhanced security.  Zrcuit announced the launch of its Build to Earn program. 

The initiative which is designed to reward builders, founders, and community members who actively contribute to the Zircuit ecosystem. 

This initiative also has significant support from industry giants like Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Maelstrom, Zircuit has over $800M staked in its network, This feat highlights its strong position in the blockchain space.

A new era for developers and contributors

The platforms has created a unique  ai-enabled security feature which promises higher security and guarantees robust protection against hacks, making it an attractive option for projects seeking a reliable blockchain foundation.

The Build to Earn program is specifically tailored to enhance the developer experience. By encouraging new talent while also exploring different possibilities within the Zircuit Network. Through Participating in this program, developers and contributors have been able to earn rewards for their approved contributions. It fosters a vibrant and collaborative community.

Different ways that you can do to participate in Build to Earn

Participants can engage with the Build to Earn program through various avenues, including:

Launching a project on Mainnet Day 1

  • Developing tools for the ecosystem
  • Deploying critical infrastructure
  • Referring now builders to Zircuit

This program not only incentivizes innovation but also aims to expand Zircuit’s ecosystem with applications across rapidly growing sectors such as ai, protocol-unstable-raises-2-5m-to-drive-lrtfi-sector-forward/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>DeFi, and restaking applications.

Joining Forces with Leading Projects

Projects that become part of Zircuit through the Build to Earn initiative will find themselves in good company, alongside top-tier launch partners like Ethena, and Ether.fi, KelpDAO, Renzo, Hashflow, API3, Galxe, Elixir, Blocto, Eigenpie, and more. This collaboration underscores Zircuit’s commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic ecosystem.

Beyond build to earn: Zircuit Staking

The introduction of the Build to Earn program follows the successful launch of Zircuit’s staking program, which allows users to pre-commit assets to the network ahead of the mainnet launch. 

Participants can stake various assets, including ETH, liquid staking tokens (LSTs), liquid restaking tokens (LRTs), and USDe (Ethena USD), to earn Zircuit Points. This staking initiative is part of Zircuit’s broader strategy to engage the community and secure the network’s foundation.

In a recent partnership with Pendle, Zircuit has further enhanced its offering, bringing additional yield opportunities to Renzo Protocol’s ezETH. This collaboration highlights Zircuit’s ongoing efforts a to provide value to its users and partners, reinforcing its position as a leading platform for blockchain innovation.


The Zircuit’s Build to Earn program is a really big step for the company. The initiative has helped developers and contributors a great dealwithin its ecosystem. 

By giving a secure environment for blockchain projects and offering tangible rewards for contributions, Zircuit is paving the way for the next wave of blockchain innovation. As the ecosystem continues to grow, with the support of its partners and community, Zircuit is well-positioned to make a lasting impact on the blockchain industry.