Missing This Is Like Missing Out on LINK at $1 Says Chainlink Millionaire About Investing in This DeFi Token Worth $0.06

Missing This Is Like Missing Out on LINK at $1 Says Chainlink Millionaire About Investing in This DeFi Token Worth $0.06 - Corporate Press Release - News

Crypto enthusiasts who had gone all in on Chainlink (LINK) when it first launched back in 2017 are sitting on a million-dollar windfall today. According to one early Chainlink investor who made millions, missing out on Algotech is akin to passing on LINK when it was just $1. Algotech, a decentralized algorithmic trading platform, is in the midst of a hot presale for its native $ALGT token.

The Algotech presale has been shattering records, raising over $3.3 million in just three weeks as investors uproar to get in. With the current token price of just $0.06 and over 96.50% of the presale stage 2 already completed, the opportunity to secure ALGT tokens at these bargain basement prices is quickly disappearing.

Chainlink’s Meteoric Rise To $49

Chainlink started trading for just $0.11 when it launched its ICO in September 2017. Those who got in at that ground-floor price have seen extraordinary gains, as LINK reached an all-time high of $49 in 2021. The pioneering Oracle network solved the key issue of connecting realworld data to blockchain smart contracts in a secure and decentralized manner.

As more projects integrated Chainlink’s Oracle services, the value and usage of the LINK token exploded. From under $1 at the start of 2021, LINK rose parabolic before a broader crypto market pullback. Even after the correction, LINK still trades well around $20 today on robust, lasting demand, according to the data from CoinMarketcap.

Algotech Steals Attention With Record $3.4M Presale 

Markets move at lightning speed, whipsawing on every new tweet or rumor. Blink, and you could miss a big move. trade?utm_source=cryptopolitan&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=3003″ rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>Algotech (ALGT) is looking to change crypto trading using smart algorithms and machine learning abilities. 

No more fear of missing out (FOMO), no more emotional trading, no more speculative bets – it empowers traders with data-driven insights and automated strategies.

The team behind Algotech has a revolutionary use case with tremendous growth potential in DeFi and crypto trading. Chainlink millionaires themselves are likely eyeing Algotech as the next big wealth generator.

Algorithmic trading platforms like Algotech solve the trading mass issues by eliminating the human element. The platform can also scan large datasets to understand patterns that human brains find difficult to identify.

Algotech Overview 

The Algotech team is just getting started on an exciting roadmap packed with new features and capabilities. Future upgrades will include advanced order types like trailing stops, enhanced risk analytics tools, integrations with top exchanges, and much more. There are even plans to incorporate emerging technologies like ai and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to keep Algotech at the cutting edge.

As for the presale, there’s no idea how long it will remain open at these bargain prices. The tokenomics are fairly conservative, with a total supply of 350 million $ALGT tokens, of which only a portion is offered in the presale sale. 

Plus, with its hot upcoming features and low price, some analysts predict $ALGT could surge over 1,200% from its current level. So, for anyone who regrets not buying LINK when it was just a dollar, here’s your chance at redemption. 

Make sure to check out Algotech’s game-changing presale because the next time you hear about this project, its token could already be trading at drastically higher prices. The smart money is getting in now before the sale closes for good.

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