Web3 startups flock to accelerators as crypto enthusiasm grows

Web3 startups flock to accelerators as crypto enthusiasm grows - African News - News

In the dynamic world of blockchain, Web3 startups are now using accelerator programs to boost their growth and popularity in the crypto market. With the market currently going through a bull run, this is also an avenue for these startups to secure investments. These programs also provide the right mentorship, funding, and opportunities for both old and new investors looking to buy into the startups.

Web3 platforms flock to accelerator programs

One distinct accelerator program is the spring 2024 cohort offered by popular venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The program, set to take place in London will feature 25 startups that will undergo various mentorship courses by the crypto team of the firm. One of the startups leveraging this accelerator program is the Farcaster project which aims to focus on decentralized food delivery, zero-knowledge passport authentication system, and infrastructural development.

The participating startups in the program are eligible for an investment of $500,000 from a16z for a 7% equity stake in their company. The program has produced successful investments over the years with firms like Flashbots and Phantom participants in the past. It shows the potential for growth and success that these new startups could enjoy from the program.

Similarly, renowned platforms like Ava Labs and Avalanche Foundation have also floated their accelerator programs. The program, Codebase, seeks to provide support to startups leveraging the Avalanche ecosystem. The program provides grants ranging from $500,000 – $1 million, providing the participants with a significant boost to kickstart their businesses.

Navigating opportunities and challenges in the space

Aside from the traditional programs, startups are partnering with venture capital firms to create special programs for specific needs in the crypto market sector. For example, Web3 gaming company is in collaboration with Pantera Capital and some other firms to create Helika Accelerate. This accelerator program is dedicated to helping gaming startups in the Web3 space access funding of up to $50 million.

The activities of venture capital firms in the crypto sector are glaring, with firms like 1kx announcing that its fundraising round is oversubscribed by $75 million and another firm, Hack VC securing $150 million in its recently finalized funding round. This huge boost of capital in the market shows that investors are very confident in the potential of the web3 space.

Although there are various opportunities and resources available at accelerator programs, there are also concerns about the predatory nature of some of these programs. Principal at Symbolic Capital Sam Lehman has warned startups to read the terms and benefits attached to some of these programs. He noted that some programs might seek very large equity stakes in exchange for their support. However, he added that founders should exercise caution in cases like this and negotiate favorable terms.

In the same vein, there has been an increase in investment activities in the Web3 gaming community. A notable example is the recent pre-seed round that was recently finalized by OG Labs, where it raised $35 million. Major cryptocommunity-comes-for-jupiter/” data-type=”post” data-id=”504418″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>crypto firms participated in the round, signaling an increase in the belief of investors in such projects in the space.