How to Romance Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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To go on the epic journey with Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the following things have to be done. Some of these quests are specific, like “The Stolen Throne” and “An Unsettling Encounter.”

Complete “The Stolen Throne”: Such mission is manifested in visiting Venworth Hall for a masquerade party where you will get to a confrontation with Wilhelmina at the Rose Chateau Bordelrie.

Complete “An Unsettling Encounter”: Such seeking involves following Allard’s royal quarters and trying to evade guards, and take to another meeting with Wilhelmina.

Complete “A rose has its own thorn“. Through the completion of the prerequisites the players can launch the quest “Every Rose Has Its Thorns” during which they help Wilhelmina to collect evidence that implicates Allard.

Find the Evidence for Wilhelmina: The seekers of evidence must first approach Sven and Patrick, and subsequently get into Allard’s strategic estate.

Give the Evidence to Wilhelmina: Hand the proof to Wilhelmina at the Rosa Chateau Bordelrie, paving the way for a face-to-face challenge with Allard.

Assist in Killing Allard: Wilhelmina wants you to perform a service for her, namely, to help her face Allard, which ends up killing him.

Romance Wilhelmina

Then they move on to Allard, after he has been dealt with, they can always come back to the Rose Chateau Bordelries where a cut scene will trigger, and they can now romance Wilhelmina.

Is it possible to miss the romancing of Wilhelmina?

Potential Missable Opportunities

Failure to Find Evidence: If players fail to find proof to Allard in the given time, they will never be in the position to pursue the romance quest.

Refusal to assist Wilhelmina: Selecting not to be helpful when it comes to Wilhelmina fighting and killing Allard in the ending cause by taking a different route will stop players from having a romantic relationship.

Visiting Bakbattahl or Checkpoint Rest Town: By going to these areas straight after the “Feast of Deception” mission is done, you will miss the chance to romance Wilhelmina.

Understanding Affinity mechanics

The bond gauge which displays the player’s partnership with NPCs is referred to as the affinity in Dragon’s Dogma 2. undefined

Gift giving: Present Ulrika with things she adores for her to become fond of you. In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Ulrike adores Adorable and Beautiful items equal to Wilhemina.

Preferred Items: Go for bright trinkets, ores of shiny metals and flowers as they guarantee a quick build up of affinity with Ulrika.

Romancing Lady Wilhelmina right in DD2, one should work through required quests, help the girl with Allard, and keep the high affinity levels via the appropriate gifts. Using this detailed guide, players will make certain they won’t pass these rare chances to romance this interesting figure in the game.