FiNext Conference 2024 Wraps Up its 6th Edition with Success

FiNext Conference 2024 Wraps Up its 6th Edition with Success - Corporate Press Release - News

Dubai, UAE – February 28-29, 2024: The FiNext Conference, renowned for its convergence of finance and innovation, recently concluded its two-day event at the Crowne Plaza, Deira. Gathering luminaries, thought leaders, and industry experts, the conference explored the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of finance.

The event featured a rich diversity of exhibitors, including esteemed organizations such as
CoorB- CoorB is a professional services company specializing in Strategy and Consulting, Technology, and Managed Services.

Luna PR-Luna PR is a global marketing and PR agency focusing on blockchain and fintech, space tech, emerging tech, Medtech, e-sports, and green tech.

Tass & Hamjit- TASS AND HAMJIT is a professional services firm providing accounting, audit, business consultancy, and advisory services to private, and public enterprises and high net-worth individuals.
Gimran & Co- Gimran & Co, under Gimran Abdrakhmanov’s leadership, is dedicated to fostering the growth of businesses through comprehensive financial solutions.

Easy Loan Financing Broker- We are a team of banking experts with an array of financial products and services, operating to secure all kinds of financial interests with the help of our expert support & solutions.

Grethena- Technology innovation product development company with a vision of sustainability at its core. We develop innovative products that help businesses to grow, with our innovative technology team drive who master developing products within ai and Mobile app development as core product offerings.

Satocci- With Satocci you can scan & pay at physical stores and use the app to later track your spending. Satocci’s ambition is to become the next-generation banker who gives guidance, automation, and an integrated overview of your finances in an easy-to-understand manner.

BlockPeer Technologies Inc- BlockPeer is your comprehensive solution for navigating both digital and traditional financial landscapes with ease. Our platform integrates digital asset management with fiat accounting, offering a unified system for all your financial needs.

Novus Loyalty- A comprehensive, modular platform that allows you to manage the entire end- to-end loyalty program lifecycle efficiently. Providing a wide range of features designed to help you build and realize successful marketing strategies.

Corum8- Corum8 deals in Blockchain development and marketing. We are a team of Blockchain developers, marketing experts, and growth hackers working towards making businesses succeed with the power of enterprise Blockchain, ai, and Growth Hacking.

Saasworx FZCO- We at SaasWorx, help our customers achieve radical digital transformation by designing and implementing new-age and industry-leading cloud ERP and CRM solutions – the driving engine behind every business’s growth.

ZenTreasury Ltd- ZenTreasury, an emerging force in SaaS Treasury Management Systems (TMS), tailoring solutions for holding companies with diverse group structures. Our reach extends across Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and Singapore, and we are excited to be at the forefront of reshaping treasury management practices.

InternetShine Technologies.- is an ISO 9001:2015 certified custom web development company. We have more than 3 years of experience in exclusively catering to the Canada-US markets. Our work features innovative designs that creatively utilize advanced features, solid information architecture, and insightful site development along with proper inclusion of Search Engine Optimization standards.

The conference recognized outstanding contributions and innovations within the finance industry, honoring notable awardees such as IO.FINNET, Acute Info Solutions, Novus Loyalty, Futuretek Commerce Private Limited (GETEPAY), Satocci, Cinque Technologies, Kafalah Small and Medium Enterprises Loan Guarantee Program, Corum8 Media & Technology, Magnus Corporation Ltd, Hedge and Sachs, Providelabs Corporation Paytic, Rellevate Inc., Arab Financial Services (AFS), HAQ Kamel Pay Services LLC, ADI Consumer Finance (Takka), Easy Loan Financing Broker, B4E Insurtech Inc., INPUT Communications, Redvision Global Technologies Pvt Ltd, Revfin Services Private Limited, AMLBot, IIMA Endowment Fund, FingerMotion Inc., Joint-Stock Company “National Service Company” (“RuRu”), and White Hydrogen. Additionally, prominent leaders who have significantly impacted the finance industry were duly acknowledged.

Participants and exhibitors shared their positive experiences from the event:
“FiNext Conference provided invaluable insights into the future of finance. A truly enriching experience!” – Jim Marous, Owner and Host, Banking Transformed Podcast
“An exceptional platform for networking and collaboration. Looking forward to the next edition!” – Elliot Limb, Founder & CEO, Cubed

In his session on “Open & Connected Banking: The Future of Financial Innovation,” Jim Marous explores the transformative impact of open banking and connected ecosystems on finance. He discusses key points including understanding open banking, embracing connectivity, and navigating challenges, and offers valuable insights for driving innovation and enhancing customer experiences. Ahmed Elmetwally addresses “Unlocking Fintech Frontiers: Navigating Business Opportunities in the UAE and the Support Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs.” Delving into UAE’s fintech landscape, he explores business prospects and the supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, offering insights to navigate and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Alina Krot sheds light on “A DeFi trend for the next decade: the rise of realworld assets.” Delving into decentralized finance (DeFi), she explores the burgeoning trend of realworld assets, offering insights into its potential impact and opportunities for the coming decade.

InternetShine Technologies unveiled plans to broaden its horizons into PropNext, AgriNext, Transport Next, and CityNext, underscoring the company’s dedication to innovation and growth.

CityNext Conference: CityNext, an innovative extension of the FiNext Conference, explores the intersection of city and technology, showcasing the transformative fusion of financial technology within urban development.

AgriNext Conference: The AgriNext Conference focuses on leveraging technology and innovation to revolutionize agriculture, with a keen emphasis on sustainable practices and food security.
PropNext Conference: PropNext, dedicated to property technology (PropTech), highlights the transformative impact of technology on the real estate industry.

TransportNext Conference: TransportNext, a pioneering addition to the FiNext framework, delves into the latest advancements in transportation technology, driving discussions on autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, and sustainable transportation practices.

For those eager to be part of this transformative journey shaping the future of finance and technology, mark your calendars for the next FiNext Conference, scheduled to take place in Morocco in September 2024.