TON launches incentive-based program to drive digital verification

TON launches incentive-based program to drive digital verification - African News - News

The Open Network (TON) developers have announced plans to incentivize users to verify their identity using a new palm technology. According to the update, the network has set aside about $5 million in incentives for users who wish to participate in the project. The TON society which constitutes the developers building on the network will reward users who carry out the activity.

TON taps HumanCode to launch digital verification program

The project will enable users on Telegram to carry out digital identity verification over the next five years. The project is tapping HumanCode’s technology to enable users to verify their identities on the network. Available for Android and iPhone download, the application will allow users to scan their palms through their mobile devices. Further information notes that the technology is covered by privacy protection and allows the scanner to be used across all mobile devices.

Reacting to the announcement, TON Foundation’s growth director Ekin Tuna said that using protocols like HumanCode is a great step towards adopting practical reputation systems in real-life use cases for the platform’s ecosystem. He stated that the project will help the Web3 ecosystem of Telegram onboard its first one billion users.

HumanCode promises data privacy and security

HumanCode founder Tim Zhang explained that the technology operates securely, extracting the patterns on the palm of users directly to their devices. He explained further that the local extraction process of the palm pattern ensures that it cannot be reversed. This means that reconstructing the pattern of a user’s palm is impossible even if someone were to illegally gain access to their server. He noted that the system has a U.S. SOC2 certification which exhibits a three-layered privacy protection.

The first step requires the local extraction of a user’s palm pattern thereby preventing their data from being transferred off the device. The extracted data is then encrypted before being moved and stored in the servers of HumanCode to secure the data during transmission. The verification process is carried out locally, eliminating the need to move sensitive data to external servers.

Users must complete the full verification process would be rewarded in line with the project by HumanCode. Zhang noted that the verification technology can be used to eliminate bots and fake accounts on social networks through palm verification. A soulbound token will be created to showcase a unique verified digital identity of the user before they receive their full reward.