Embracer Isn’t an “Evil Empire,” Says Saber Interactive CEO

Embracer Isn’t an “Evil Empire,” Says Saber Interactive CEO

Embracer Group, the parent company of numerous video game developers and publishers, has been making waves in the gaming industry with its unique business model. Recently, Saber Interactive‘s CEO,

Matthew Karch

, shared his thoughts on the Embracer Group‘s approach during an interview. According to Karch, the Embracer Group‘s model, which involves owning multiple game studios and providing them with resources and support, allows for a greater degree of flexibility and creativity.

With the support of the Embracer Group, Saber Interactive has been able to

experiment with various game genres

, including first-person shooters, racing games, and even a

virtual tabletop RPG platform

called link. This freedom to explore new projects has led to a surge in creativity and innovation within the studio, according to Karch.

Furthermore, the Embracer Group’s model enables Saber Interactive to take on larger projects that might otherwise be too risky or cost-prohibitive for a single studio. By spreading the risks and resources across multiple studios, the Embracer Group is able to

support larger-scale projects

and reduce the financial burden on any one studio. This, in turn, allows for more ambitious games and a wider variety of experiences for gamers.

The Embracer Group’s approach also extends to its partnerships with external developers. By providing funding and resources, the group is able to

help bring promising projects to life

, even if they might not otherwise have the necessary support. This collaboration model has led to successful partnerships with developers such as link and link. According to Karch, this approach allows Saber Interactive to “learn from other studios and bring new ideas into our own work.”

In conclusion, the Embracer Group’s unique business model has provided Saber Interactive with a greater degree of flexibility and resources, enabling the studio to experiment with new projects, take on larger scales, and collaborate with external developers. According to Karch, this approach has led to a surge in creativity and innovation within the studio, resulting in a wider variety of experiences for gamers.

Embracer Group: Controversy and Growth in the Gaming Industry

Embracer Group, a Swedish gaming conglomerate, has been making waves in the industry over the past few years. With its recent acquisitions and strategic partnerships, it now houses more than 140 game development studios under its umbrella. Ubisoft, THQ Nordic, Gearbox Entertainment, and Square Enix Collective are just a few of the notable names that have joined forces with Embracer Group.

Controversial Label: “Evil Empire”

However, this rapid expansion has not been without controversy. Critics have labeled Embracer Group as an “evil empire,” arguing that the company is monopolizing the gaming industry and stifling competition. This sentiment was recently expressed by Saber Interactive’s CEO, Matt Hawkins, in a link interview.

Perspective from Within the Industry: Saber Interactive’s CEO, Matt Hawkins

According to Hawkins, the accusations of Embracer Group being an “evil empire” fail to consider the perspective from within the industry. He believes that the acquisitions are part of a natural evolution in the gaming world, where smaller studios can benefit from joining larger organizations to share resources and expertise. Moreover, Hawkins emphasized that Embracer Group does not control the day-to-day operations of the studios it acquires; instead, they allow the teams to maintain their autonomy and continue producing games under their own brands.

Understanding Embracer Group

Overview of Embracer Group and its business model

Embracer Group, a leading independent gaming group, embraces various development studios and publishing labels to foster growth and innovation within the gaming industry. Established in 2017, this Swedish holding company


smaller game development studios and then grants them autonomy to operate under their respective brands while benefiting from the larger organization’s resources. Embracer Group’s

acquisition strategy

has led to a diverse portfolio of companies, enabling them to cater to various gaming niches and genres.

Acquisition strategy to foster growth and innovation

Embracer Group’s acquisition-driven business model allows them to invest in promising gaming studios and expand their reach within the industry. By acquiring these companies, Embracer Group not only obtains their intellectual property but also gains access to their talented teams and invaluable expertise. This strategy fosters a creative environment that encourages innovation, as each studio contributes unique perspectives and knowledge to the collective whole.

The benefits of being part of Embracer Group

Being a part of Embracer Group offers numerous advantages for member studios. Access to resources and expertise from sister companies is one significant benefit. Sharing knowledge, technology, and infrastructure allows each studio to improve their operations, streamline development processes, and ultimately deliver higher-quality games to players.

Access to resources and expertise from sister companies

Collaboration is another critical aspect of being a member studio within Embracer Group. Opportunities for collaboration and cross-promotion can lead to innovative projects, new revenue streams, and stronger relationships between studios. For example, a studio specializing in mobile games might collaborate with a PC development team to create a console-exclusive title or share resources for marketing and distribution.

The role of Saber Interactive as a leading developer within Embracer Group

One exemplary studio that benefits from the advantages of being part of Embracer Group is Saber Interactive. As a leading developer within the organization, Saber Interactive has successfully developed and published games across multiple platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile. By leveraging Embracer Group’s resources, Saber Interactive has been able to expand its operations, hire new talent, and explore new opportunities in the gaming industry.

In conclusion, Embracer Group’s acquisition-driven business model fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration within the gaming industry. By providing access to resources and expertise from sister companies, Embracer Group empowers its member studios to thrive, enabling them to develop and publish high-quality games for diverse audiences. With a focus on fostering creativity and collaboration, Embracer Group is poised to continue shaping the future of gaming.
Embracer Isn’t an “Evil Empire,” Says Saber Interactive CEO

I The Impact on Saber Interactive and Its Team

Following Embracer Group’s acquisition of Saber Interactive in 2019, the studio experienced significant changes and growth. With Embracer‘s backing, Saber Interactive gained

unprecedented access to resources

for development and expansion. This financial support enabled the team to undertake larger projects and reach new markets, leading to a period of unprecedented growth for the studio.

Access to resources for development and growth

Embracer Group’s investment in Saber Interactive provided the studio with

financial resources

that allowed it to expand its team, upgrade its technology, and explore new markets. This investment has been instrumental in helping Saber Interactive take on more ambitious projects, such as developing the link game based on the popular TV series, “Breaking Bad,” and the multiplayer title, link which further solidified Saber’s position as a leading developer in the gaming industry.

Opportunities for expansion into new markets

Moreover, Embracer’s extensive network and experience in various markets allowed Saber Interactive to

expand into new territories

and reach wider audiences. By joining forces with Embracer Group’s other studios, Saber Interactive was able to collaborate on projects that extended its reach beyond the PC gaming market. This strategic partnership enabled the studio to explore console markets and further diversify its portfolio, ultimately resulting in a more robust and versatile business model.

The Role of Leadership

Amid these changes, the leadership at Saber Interactive played a crucial role in guiding the company’s growth and ensuring that it remained true to its culture and values. CEO Matt Hawkins was pivotal in this transition, as he balanced the need for expansion with the importance of maintaining Saber Interactive’s unique identity.

Maintaining Saber’s unique culture and values

Despite the acquisition and subsequent growth, Hawkins prioritized preserving the studio’s distinct culture and values. He ensured that the team remained committed to its roots in creating high-quality games while adapting to the changing industry landscape. This balance of tradition and innovation allowed Saber Interactive to maintain its authenticity, which was essential for both attracting top talent and keeping existing team members engaged.

Navigating growth while staying true to the team’s vision

Furthermore, Hawkins successfully navigated Saber Interactive’s growth while staying true to the team’s initial vision. He recognized that expansion into new markets and larger projects required a more robust infrastructure, but he also understood the importance of fostering an environment that encouraged creativity and collaboration. By focusing on both growth and preserving the studio’s culture, Hawkins ensured that Saber Interactive continued to produce engaging and innovative games while maintaining its unique identity.

I Positive Impact on Employees and Working Environment

The changes brought about by the acquisition also had a positive impact on Saber Interactive’s employees and their work environment. With increased resources, opportunities for professional growth and development, and improved working conditions and benefits, team members were more motivated and engaged than ever before. This emphasis on employee satisfaction not only led to higher morale and productivity but also helped attract top talent to the studio.

Opportunities for professional growth and development

With Embracer Group’s backing, Saber Interactive was able to offer its employees opportunities for professional growth and development that they might not have had otherwise. This included new roles, expanded responsibilities, and access to cutting-edge technology, all of which contributed to a more dynamic and innovative work environment.

Improved working conditions and benefits

In addition to professional growth, the acquisition also led to improved working conditions and benefits for Saber Interactive’s employees. This included better compensation packages, flexible work arrangements, and more comprehensive healthcare plans, all of which helped to attract and retain top talent.


In summary, Embracer Group’s acquisition of Saber Interactive in 2019 brought about a period of significant growth and change for the studio. With increased resources, opportunities to expand into new markets, and a leadership team dedicated to preserving its unique culture, Saber Interactive was able to thrive in the ever-evolving gaming industry while maintaining its commitment to producing high-quality games. Moreover, this growth had a positive impact on Saber Interactive’s employees, providing them with opportunities for professional development and improved working conditions.

Embracer Isn’t an “Evil Empire,” Says Saber Interactive CEO

Addressing the “Evil Empire” Label

Analyzing the Origins of the Term “Evil Empire” in Relation to Embracer Group

The term “evil empire” has been frequently used to describe Embracer Group, the parent company that owns numerous game development studios under its umbrella.

The Consolidation of Multiple Game Development Studios

Embracer Group’s strategy involves acquiring various game development studios and bringing them under one roof. This consolidation has led to the formation of a vast conglomerate with a significant influence over the gaming industry.

Saber Interactive’s Perspective on the Label and Its Implications

However, it is essential to note that perspectives on this label within the industry differ. Saber Interactive, a game development studio acquired by Embracer Group, offers an interesting perspective on this matter.

The Importance of Focusing on the Benefits for Developers and Players

Saber Interactive’s CEO, Matt Karch, emphasizes that focusing on the benefits for developers and players is crucial. He argues that being part of a larger organization offers advantages such as access to resources and expertise that can lead to better games and a more stable development process.

The Potential Consequences of Perpetuating the “Evil Empire” Label

Despite these potential benefits, there are also potential consequences to perpetuating the “evil empire” label.

Detering Potential Partners and Acquisitions

One significant concern is the deterrent effect on potential partners and acquisitions. The negative perception surrounding Embracer Group could make it difficult for the company to attract new studios or talent, limiting its growth and impact within the industry.

Creating a Negative Perception Within the Gaming Community

Moreover, the label could create a negative perception within the gaming community. This perception could lead to boycotts or backlash against games developed by Embracer Group studios, potentially impacting sales and revenue.

Embracer Isn’t an “Evil Empire,” Says Saber Interactive CEO


Embracer Group’s revolutionary business model, as presented by Saber Interactive’s CEO Matt Hawkins at the Game Developers Conference 2023, has brought about a

sea change

in the gaming industry. By providing

financial stability


creative freedom

to its developers, Embracer Group is fostering a culture of innovation and growth. With the ability to focus on creating high-quality games without the financial pressures of traditional publishing, developers are able to

push boundaries

and take risks. This not only benefits the individual studios but also contributes to the industry’s advancement as a whole.

Recap of the benefits:

  • Financial stability: Embracer Group’s model allows developers to focus on creating games without the financial burden of traditional publishing.
  • Creative freedom: Developers have the autonomy to take risks and create unique games, leading to innovation within the industry.
  • Growth opportunities: Embracer Group’s acquisitive strategy provides opportunities for smaller studios to grow and thrive.

Understanding the perspective from within the industry:

According to Matt Hawkins, it’s crucial to understand the

perspective of those within the industry

. He emphasized that by working collaboratively and fostering a positive dialogue between Embracer Group, its developers, and the gaming community, everyone benefits. This approach encourages transparency, trust, and mutual respect, ultimately leading to a stronger and more vibrant gaming ecosystem.

Encouraging a more positive and productive dialogue:


encouraging open communication

and fostering a collaborative environment, Embracer Group is setting a new standard for the gaming industry. This

culture of inclusivity

not only benefits individual studios and their developers but also contributes to a more positive and productive dialogue between the industry, its stakeholders, and the gaming community as a whole.