Permissionless Capital Invites Web3 Startups to Apply for Its Competition

Permissionless Capital Invites Web3 Startups to Apply for Its Competition

Permissionless Capital

Invites Web3 Startups to Apply for Its Inaugural Competition

Permissionless Capital, a leading venture capital firm specializing in Web3 technologies, is thrilled to announce its inaugural competition. This unique event is designed to provide a platform for early-stage Web3 startups to showcase their innovations and connect with potential investors, industry experts, and strategic partners.
The competition will feature two tracks:

Track A – Early-Stage


Track B – Growth-Stage

In the Early-Stage Track, startups at the ideation, prototype, or seed funding stage can apply to pitch their ideas and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experienced investors. Winners will receive



technical resources

, and potential investment to help bring their vision to life.
The Growth-Stage Track is open to startups that have already secured significant funding but are looking for strategic partners and industry expertise. Winners in this category will receive

access to a network of investors


expert guidance from industry veterans

, and opportunities for collaborations that can propel their growth.
Applications for both tracks are now open and will close on June 30, 2023. Selected startups will be invited to pitch in front of the Permissionless Capital investment team and an esteemed panel of judges during a live event on

September 15, 2023

By participating in this competition, startups will gain exposure to a community of forward-thinking investors and innovators who are passionate about the potential of Web3 technologies. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your startup to the next level!

Permissionless Capital Invites Web3 Startups to Apply for Its Competition


Permissionless Capital, a venture capital firm, is making waves in the technological world with its focus on Web3 technologies. Web3, also known as the decentralized web, is a new iteration of the internet that aims to put control back in the hands of users through decentralized technologies. This shift towards decentralization is significant as we witness an increasing trend towards data privacy and security concerns in the current technological landscape.

Web3 Startups: The Future of Technology

Web3 startups, which are building on this decentralized infrastructure, are at the forefront of this technological revolution. They offer solutions that leverage blockchain technology to create trustless systems and applications, enabling peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries. This is a game-changer in industries such as finance, real estate, and supply chain management, where traditional intermediaries can add significant costs and friction.

Significance of Web3 Startups

The significance of Web3 startups lies in their potential to disrupt traditional industries and create new business models. They provide an opportunity to build applications that are trustless, transparent, and censorship-resistant, which is a major step towards a more democratic and equitable internet. The impact of these startups could be similar to that of the Internet in the late 90s, with the potential to create new industries and jobs, and reshape how we live, work, and interact.

Permissionless Capital’s Inaugural Competition

To support and accelerate the growth of this innovative ecosystem, Permissionless Capital

has announced its inaugural competition for Web3 startups

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. The competition, which is open to startups from around the world, aims to provide funding and resources to the most promising projects in the Web3 space. This is a significant investment in the future of technology, as Permissionless Capital recognizes the potential of these decentralized technologies to transform industries and create new opportunities.

Permissionless Capital Invites Web3 Startups to Apply for Its Competition

Details of the Competition

Eligibility criteria for applicants

Stages and relevance: This competition is open to startups at various stages, including seed, series A, and series B. The relevance of each stage to the competition is as follows: Seed-stage startups may win funding and resources to help them get off the ground, while series A and B startups could secure larger investments and strategic partnerships to scale their businesses.

Geographical restrictions: This competition is open to applicants from NA and EU. The restriction is based on the competition’s focus on fostering Web3 technology in these regions, where there is a high concentration of innovative companies and investors.

Application process and requirements

Description of the application form: The application form requires essential information about your startup, including its name, stage, location, team members, and a brief description of the business model. Applicants must also submit relevant financial information and any supporting documents that demonstrate their market traction.

Submission instructions: Applications can be submitted online through the competition’s website or via email to the provided address before the deadline. It is essential that applicants follow all instructions carefully and ensure their applications are complete.

Evaluation criteria and judging process

Description of the evaluation criteria: The competition evaluates applications based on several factors, including technology innovation, market potential, and team experience. Applications with a clear competitive advantage, scalable business models, and experienced teams are more likely to succeed.

Explanation of the judging panel: The competition’s judging panel consists of industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs who will evaluate applications based on the established criteria. Their role is to identify the most promising startups and award the prizes accordingly.

Prizes and benefits for winners

Cash awards, grants, and financial incentives: Winners will receive cash awards, grants, or other financial incentives to help grow their businesses. The exact amount depends on the stage of the winning startup and the competition’s sponsors.

Access to mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and industry experts: Winners will be provided with access to mentorship programs, industry experts, and networking opportunities. This will help them build valuable connections and learn from experienced professionals in their field.

Media coverage and publicity: Winners will also receive media coverage and publicity, which can help boost their brand recognition and attract more investors and customers.

E. Competition schedule, including key dates and deadlines

The competition schedule includes the following key dates and deadlines: Application deadline: [Insert Date], Judging period: [Insert Dates], and Award ceremony: [Insert Date]. It is crucial that applicants submit their applications before the deadline to be considered for the competition.

Permissionless Capital Invites Web3 Startups to Apply for Its Competition

I The Importance of Web3 Startups in Today’s Technological Landscape

Web3 technologies, also known as the decentralized web, represent the next evolution of the internet. This new paradigm shifts power from central authorities to individual users through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The impact on the digital world is profound and far-reaching, as we explore below.

Explanation of Web3 technologies and their impact on the digital world

Decentralized finance (DeFi): Traditional financial systems have relied on intermediaries and central authorities for transactions, limiting accessibility and increasing costs. DeFi, a key component of Web3, challenges this status quo by creating decentralized applications (dApps) for financial services. Lending, borrowing, trading, and insurance are just a few examples of how DeFi is disrupting the financial industry. By eliminating intermediaries, transactions become more transparent and efficient, making financial services accessible to everyone.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): NFTs are unique digital assets that represent ownership and provenance, revolutionizing the art market. Unlike cryptocurrencies, which are interchangeable (one Bitcoin is equal to another), NFTs have unique attributes that cannot be exchanged. This feature makes NFTs perfect for digital art, collectibles, and even virtual real estate. The sale of Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for $69 million demonstrated the potential of NFTs and their ability to disrupt traditional markets.

The role of Web3 startups in driving innovation and growth in their respective industries

Case studies of successful Web3 startups: Uniswap, a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum, has disrupted traditional financial markets by enabling trustless trading of digital assets. Chainlink, another successful Web3 startup, provides decentralized oracles that bring off-chain data to smart contracts, enabling new financial applications.

The challenges faced by Web3 startups and how competition aims to support them

Funding difficulties due to regulatory uncertainty: Web3 startups often face challenges in securing funding because of the regulatory uncertainty surrounding their industry. Investors are hesitant to invest without clear regulations and guidelines, making it challenging for Web3 startups to scale and grow.

Technical challenges related to blockchain scalability and interoperability: Blockchain networks, the backbone of Web3 technologies, face technical challenges like scalability and interoperability. As more users join these networks, scaling becomes increasingly difficult, leading to high transaction fees and slow confirmation times. Interoperability between different blockchain networks is another challenge that hinders the growth of Web3 startups.

Competition aims to support Web3 startups by: providing infrastructure solutions, investing in research and development, and advocating for regulatory clarity. By working together, the Web3 ecosystem can overcome these challenges and continue to drive innovation and growth.

Permissionless Capital Invites Web3 Startups to Apply for Its Competition


Recap of the Competition: The Web3 Startup World Cup, in collaboration with ETHDenver, is a global event designed to discover, showcase, and celebrate the most innovative and promising Web3 startups from around the world. This competition offers a unique opportunity for early-stage companies to gain exposure, receive valuable mentorship, and secure potential investment opportunities. By participating, startups will not only have the chance to connect with industry leaders, investors, and peers but also contribute to shaping the future of Web3 technology.

Encouragement for Eligible Startups:

We strongly encourage all eligible Web3 startups, regardless of their stage, to apply and join us at ETHDenver from February 17th to 20th. This is your moment to shine on a global stage, connect with potential investors and partners, and receive valuable feedback from industry experts. Don’t miss this opportunity – apply now and take your startup to new heights!

Contact Information:

For any queries or questions regarding the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our team is here to help and support you every step of the way. Stay informed about the competition, follow us on Twitter @Web3SWC for updates and announcements. Good luck!