Up to 20,000 AXS in Rewards in Axie Infinity Homeland Cooking Showdown

Up to 20,000 AXS in Rewards in Axie Infinity Homeland Cooking Showdown

Up to 20,000 AXS Rewards

in Axie Infinity Homeland Cooking Showdown:

A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome, Axie Infinity enthusiasts! Today we’ll dive into the world of the Homeland Cooking Showdown, a thrilling event where you can earn up to an astounding 20,000 AXS rewards. This guide will provide you with all the essential information to make your cooking experience as successful and rewarding as possible.

What is the Homeland Cooking Showdown?

The Homeland Cooking Showdown is a weekly event in Axie Infinity where participants can compete to create the best dishes using various ingredients. The event takes place every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 AM (UTC+8).

How to Participate?

To participate, you need to have the following:

  • Axie Infinity account
  • SLP (Smooth Love Potion): Used to breed Axies
  • Cooking Ingredients: Obtained by completing daily quests or purchasing them from the marketplace

The Cooking Process

To begin the cooking process, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Homeland event tab and click on the Cooking Showdown button.
  2. Select the ingredients you’d like to use for your recipe.
  3. Combine the selected ingredients in the cooking pot and submit your entry.

Rankings and Rewards

The rankings are determined by the taste, appearance, and creativity of each dish. The top 100 contestants will receive SLP rewards, while the top 3 winners will earn a share of the weekly AXS prize pool. The exact distribution of rewards depends on the number of participants.


The Homeland Cooking Showdown is an excellent opportunity to engage in the Axie Infinity community, showcase your culinary skills, and potentially earn significant rewards. With up to 20,000 AXS on the line, this event is not one to be missed!

A Deep Dive into Axie Infinity’s Homeland Cooking Showdown Event

Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based trading and battling game created by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, has revolutionized the play-to-earn gaming landscape since its launch in late 2018. Axie is known for its unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) creatures called Axies, which players can buy, breed, raise, and battle in the game’s ecosystem. The link states that over 1 million daily active users engage in Axie Infinity, making it a phenomenon in the world of decentralized finance and gaming.

Introducing the Homeland Cooking Showdown Event

In an effort to continue engaging players and providing new opportunities, Sky Mavis introduced the Homeland Cooking Showdown event. This

seasonal contest

invites players to create and share unique dishes using a variety of ingredients found in Axie Infinity’s world. By participating, players can earn various rewards such as


(Smooth Love Potion), an essential token for breeding Axies, and even rare in-game items.

Maximizing Rewards: Understanding the Rules

To make the most of this event, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand its rules and mechanics. Here’s a brief overview:

Season Start

Month Year, Date

Approximately 2 months

Dishes Submission Deadline

Month Year, Date

Judging and Rewards Distribution

Month Year, Date

During the submission period, players can create their dishes using the given ingredients and post them on social media with the event’s hashtag. The

judging process

involves community members and renowned chefs, who evaluate dishes based on specific criteria such as creativity, presentation, and adherence to the event’s theme. The rewards are then distributed according to the rankings determined by these evaluations.

Up to 20,000 AXS in Rewards in Axie Infinity Homeland Cooking Showdown

Understanding the Basics of the Homeland Cooking Showdown Event

The Homeland Cooking Showdown is an exciting and engaging event that brings together culinary enthusiasts from all over the world to showcase their unique homeland cooking skills. This

community-driven competition

is designed to celebrate diverse cultures and their traditional dishes. Let’s delve deeper into the format, mechanics, and importance of team composition in this thrilling event.

Explanation of the event format and schedule

Registration period: The event kicks off with a registration period, where participants sign up to join teams representing their respective homelands. This period typically lasts for a week, giving everyone ample time to form teams and register.

Cooking showdown rounds: The competition consists of several rounds, where teams go head-to-head to create the best dishes based on given themes. Each round lasts for a set period, providing an exciting and intense cooking experience.

Live streaming and voting phases: All rounds are live streamed on the event platform, allowing viewers to watch the cooking process in real-time. After each round, viewers can cast their votes for their favorite dishes.

Description of the event’s mechanics

Recipe creation and submission:

Participants must create an original recipe representing their homeland. The recipes are then submitted to the event organizers for approval, ensuring authenticity and adherence to the competition’s rules.

Ingredient collection and cooking process:

Teams are responsible for collecting and procuring all necessary ingredients during the registration period. They have a limited time to prepare and cook their dishes within specific guidelines, such as cooking time limitations.

Judging criteria and scoring system:

Dishes are judged based on several criteria: taste, creativity, presentation, and authenticity. Each team’s score is determined by a panel of expert judges, as well as viewer votes.

Importance of team composition and synergy in the event

Team composition and synergy play a crucial role in the competition. Effective communication, collaboration, and division of tasks can significantly impact a team’s performance. Therefore, carefully selecting team members with diverse skill sets and strengths is essential to maximizing chances of success.

Up to 20,000 AXS in Rewards in Axie Infinity Homeland Cooking Showdown

I Maximizing Your Chances to Win Rewards

Preparation before entering the Cooking Showdown:

  1. Researching past winning recipes and trends: Analyze previous seasons’ winning dishes to understand what flavors, techniques, and ingredient combinations resonate with the judges. Keep track of current food trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  2. Gathering necessary ingredients:
  3. a. Farming Axies with desired traits

    : Utilize farming to grow your own axies that produce specific ingredients. Identify and breed axies with desirable traits, such as those that yield rare or high-value ingredients.

    b. Trading for specific ingredients or axies

    : Engage in active trading with other players to acquire rare, hard-to-farm, or difficult-to-obtain ingredients and axies.

    c. Utilizing the Marketplace and Scholarships

    : Monitor the marketplace for bargains on ingredients or axies that can help boost your chances of winning. Consider investing in scholarships to gain access to stronger team members.

Strategies for winning during the Cooking Showdown rounds:

  1. Optimal cooking techniques and ingredient combinations:: Master the intricacies of various cooking methods to ensure that your dishes are not only delicious but also visually appealing. Experiment with unique ingredient combinations that have a high synergy, making your dishes stand out.
  2. Adapting to unexpected circumstances:: Be prepared for surprise ingredients or challenges that may arise during the cooking showdown rounds. Maintain a versatile repertoire of recipes that can accommodate various ingredient substitutions, ensuring that you’re always ready to adapt and impress the judges.

Maximizing rewards during the Live streaming and voting phases:

  1. Engaging with the community and live audience:: Build relationships with other players, judges, and spectators by actively participating in discussions on social media platforms or dedicated forums. Share your cooking experiences, ask for advice, and offer support to others.
  2. Encouraging votes from friends and followers:: Leverage your social network to generate support for your cooking endeavors. Share your progress, live streams, and voting links with friends, family, and followers, encouraging them to engage with the community and cast their votes for you.

Up to 20,000 AXS in Rewards in Axie Infinity Homeland Cooking Showdown

Advanced Tips for Increasing Your Rewards

To maximize your earnings in Axie Infinity, consider the following advanced strategies:

Collaborating with other players or teams

Forming alliances and partnerships

Form strategic relationships with other players or teams to increase your chances of rewards. By collaborating, you can pool resources, share knowledge and expertise, and coordinate efforts to tackle more challenging tasks.

Sharing resources and expertise

Sharing Axies, land plots, or other valuable resources with trusted allies can lead to mutual benefits. Additionally, offering your expertise in a specific area, such as breeding or training Axies, can make you an indispensable team member.

Utilizing multiple accounts and teams to increase chances of rewards

Creating additional accounts or managing multiple teams can help diversify your income streams. By spreading your resources across different teams, you can participate in various activities and earn rewards from multiple sources simultaneously.

Engaging in secondary markets for selling or trading event-related items

Marketplace for selling cooked dishes

Selling cooked dishes on the marketplace can be a profitable venture, especially during special events when demand is high. Invest in producing high-quality meals and advertise them effectively to attract buyers.

Scholarships and Axie trading platforms

Scholarships allow players to borrow an Axie team from another player, enabling you to participate in battles without owning the actual Axies. In return, you share a percentage of your rewards with the Axie owner. Trading platforms like Ronin Marketplace and Axie Infinity Discord facilitate buying and selling Axies, land plots, and other event-related items. Be sure to research market trends and pricing before making trades to secure the best deals.

Up to 20,000 AXS in Rewards in Axie Infinity Homeland Cooking Showdown


As we reach the end of our analysis on the Homeland Cooking Showdown event in Axie Infinity, it’s essential to recap the key takeaways that can help maximize your rewards. Strategic planning, community engagement, and adaptability have proven to be crucial factors in succeeding in this play-to-earn gaming experience.

Strategic Planning

By optimizing your Axie team’s abilities and synergy, you can significantly improve your chances of winning battles. Additionally, understanding the cooking recipes and their respective benefits is another crucial aspect of strategic planning that can lead to increased rewards.

Community Engagement

Active participation in the Axie Infinity community is vital for staying updated on the latest events, announcements, and strategies. Engaging with fellow players through social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Reddit can provide invaluable insights and opportunities to collaborate or learn from each other.


The ever-evolving nature of play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity necessitates adaptability. Be prepared to adjust your strategies based on new information, updates, or changes in the game environment. Embracing challenges and remaining open-minded can lead to increased learning, growth, and ultimately, success.

Stay Updated on Future Events and Opportunities

As a final reminder, it’s essential to stay informed about future Axie Infinity events and opportunities. These events can offer unique rewards or challenges that may require specific strategies, making community engagement and adaptability even more crucial. Keep an eye on official Axie Infinity channels and community resources for updates and announcements.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Homeland Cooking Showdown event in Axie Infinity highlights the importance of strategy, community engagement, and adaptability in play-to-earn gaming. By focusing on these factors, you’ll be better equipped to maximize rewards and enjoy the rich and rewarding experience that Axie Infinity has to offer. Remember: the journey is just as important as the destination!