Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game

Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game

Creative Assembly’s Total War: Star Wars – An In-Depth Outline

Total War: Star Wars, a game in development by Creative Assembly and published by Sega and Lucasfilm Games, is an upcoming strategy title that combines the epic real-time battles of the Total War series with the richly imagined universe of Star Wars. This in-depth outline provides an overview of various aspects of the game.

Setting and Background

The game is set during a pivotal point in Star Wars history, where players can choose to align themselves with iconic factions such as the Galactic Republic, the Separatist Alliance, or even the emerging Sith Empire. Each faction will offer unique units, abilities, and objectives. The Force, a metaphysical power in the Star Wars universe, will play an essential role, enabling special abilities and strategic options for players.

Gameplay Mechanics

Total War: Star Wars will maintain the core gameplay mechanics of the Total War series while incorporating elements unique to Star Wars. These include:

Galactic Campaign

Players can engage in a grand galactic campaign, managing their faction’s economy, diplomacy, research, and military. They will need to form alliances, negotiate treaties, and wage war against enemies to secure their position in the galaxy.

Real-time Battles

Battles are fought in real-time, where players command their armies and lead their heroes into epic clashes. The unique abilities and strengths of Star Wars characters will be on full display during these battles.

Space Battles

Space combat is an integral part of the game, allowing players to engage in large-scale fleet battles. The movement and maneuverability of ships will be critical factors in space engagements.

Force Powers

Players can harness the power of the Force, allowing them to use unique abilities that will turn the tide of battles. These abilities will be essential for players looking to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Customization and Progression

Players can customize their armies, heroes, and starships with various upgrades, weapons, and cosmetic options. Progression is achieved through earning experience points from battles and completing objectives. As players level up, they gain access to new abilities, units, and technologies.


Total War: Star Wars offers multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against each other in various game modes. Players can form alliances or wage war against one another, testing their strategies and tactics against human opponents.

Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game

I. Introduction

Creative Assembly, a British video game developer and part of the Sega Europe Ltd family, has earned a reputable name in the strategy game genre with an impressive portfolio spanning over two decades. Founded in 1987, the studio

experienced significant milestones

throughout its rich history. In the late ’90s, they released “Shogun: Total War,” their groundbreaking strategy game that set new standards for real-time tactical battles and empire management. The series, now known as “Total War,” has since grown to include numerous expansions and installments based on various historical periods (

Medieval 2: Total War, Rome: Total War, Napoleon: Total War

, to name a few).

The Total War series’ success is undeniable. It offers players the opportunity to lead their forces in large-scale, historically accurate battles and manage complex empires. However, recent

rumors and speculation

have piqued the interest of fans and the gaming community alike, surrounding Creative Assembly’s rumored collaboration with Lucasfilm to develop a Star Wars-themed game.

Background of licensing deals and previous game adaptations

Creative Assembly’s potential Star Wars project would not be the studio’s first foray into licensed games. They previously worked on “Alien: Isolation,” an award-winning survival horror title based on Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi franchise. Furthermore, licensing deals for popular IPs like Alien have proven to be successful for Creative Assembly. Considering the enormous popularity and fanbase of Star Wars, this collaboration could potentially result in a highly anticipated game.

Fans have been excitedly discussing possibilities for weeks, imagining epic space battles and strategizing galactic empires. The potential game could bring together the best elements of Creative Assembly’s previous strategy titles while incorporating the iconic characters, locations, and lore from Star Wars. This hypothetical project has already generated significant buzz within the gaming community, leaving many eagerly anticipating any official announcements from Creative Assembly or Lucasfilm.

Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game

Confirmation and Announcement

On a historic day for both the gaming industry and Star Wars fans, Creative Assembly, renowned developers behind the Total War series, and Lucasfilm Games, the creative entity driving the galaxy far, far away in interactive experiences, officially confirmed their groundbreaking collaboration. This partnership marks Lucasfilm’s first major foray into strategic alliance with a video game studio.

Official confirmation:

Tim Sweeney, Creative Assembly’s Studio Director, shared an enthusiastic statement, emphasizing the studio’s commitment to bringing Star Wars‘s rich universe to life in a new and immersive way. Meanwhile, Mike Yarwood, Executive Producer at Lucasfilm Games, expressed his excitement about the opportunity to work with Creative Assembly and deliver an authentic Star Wars experience. The partnership’s timeline remains under wraps, but the duo hinted at ambitious goals, ensuring fans are in for an extraordinary journey.



The gaming community reacted with unbridled anticipation, as the prospect of a new Star Wars game from this celebrated studio ignited their imagination. Fan forums buzzed with excitement and speculation, with many hoping for a grand strategy title set within the Star Wars universe.

Industry Experts and Media:

Industry experts and media outlets chimed in with their thoughts, expressing skepticism and concerns regarding the collaboration’s impact on both parties. Some argued that Creative Assembly could dilute their brand with a Star Wars title, while others wondered if Lucasfilm Games would risk tarnishing its reputation by working with an external studio. However, most agreed that this partnership could lead to a fresh take on the Star Wars gaming experience.

Positive reactions:

Despite the skepticism, numerous voices within the industry expressed optimism and enthusiasm for the collaboration. They highlighted the potential for Creative Assembly to bring their expertise in strategy, world-building, and narrative to the Star Wars universe. Some even suggested that this could be a turning point for the Star Wars gaming genre.

Criticisms and concerns:

Others, however, raised valid concerns regarding the partnership’s impact on Creative Assembly’s core brand and potential limitations in adapting to a franchise like Star Wars. They argued that the studio might lose focus on their Total War series and dilute its uniqueness. Yet, despite these criticisms, the overall sentiment remained positive, with many expressing excitement for what this collaboration could potentially bring to both parties.

The wait continues:

As fans eagerly anticipate this partnership’s results, the gaming industry braces for what could be a new era in Star Wars interactive experiences. With Creative Assembly’s reputation for crafting immersive worlds and Lucasfilm Games’ rich universe, the possibilities are endless. The wait continues as we all look forward to witnessing this exciting collaboration unfold.

Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game

I Game Concept and Setting

Overview of the Star Wars universe and its potential for a Total War game

The Star Wars universe, created by George Lucas, is a vast and intriguing setting ripe for exploration in the realm of real-time strategy games like Total War. Spanning over 32,000 light years, this richly detailed galaxy is home to various factions, planets, and species that could form the backbone of an engaging strategy experience.

Description of major factions

Some of the most notable factions include:

  • The Rebellion: This galactic alliance, led by the iconic Princess Leia Organa and later Luke Skywalker, seeks to overthrow the oppressive Galactic Empire. The Rebels’ strength lies in their determination and resourcefulness, as they often operate from hidden bases and rely on their powerful allies such as the Mon Calamari and the Wookiees.
  • The Galactic Empire: The Empire, ruled by the sinister Emperor Palpatine and his ruthless apprentice Darth Vader, wields a formidable military power. Their vast armada of Star Destroyers and legions of stormtroopers dominate the galaxy, enforcing order through fear.
  • The Jedi Order: A once powerful and respected order of peacekeepers, the Jedi are trained in the mystical power of the Force. They have been hunted to near-extinction by the Empire, but their numbers have started to grow again under the leadership of Master Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

Proposed gameplay mechanics for Total War: Star Wars

To bring the Star Wars universe to life in a Total War title, several key elements would need to be considered:

  1. Adapting elements of the Total War series: Familiar features like strategic battles, city management, and diplomacy would form the foundation of the game. Players could command their armies and fleets in real-time, engage in large scale battles across various planets, and manage resources to expand their influence.
  2. Unique additions tailored to the Star Wars setting: Special mechanics such as Force abilities, lightsaber duels, spaceship combat, and iconic characters like Darth Vader or Yoda would add depth to the gameplay experience.
Potential challenges and opportunities in designing a Star Wars strategy game

Designing a Total War game set in the Star Wars universe presents several unique challenges and opportunities:

  1. Balancing the vast scale of the Star Wars universe with engaging gameplay: Ensuring that players can explore and interact with a representative portion of the galaxy while maintaining an enjoyable experience is crucial. Careful design and narrative choices would be required to strike this balance.
  2. Capturing the essence and appeal of the Star Wars franchise: It is essential to retain the spirit of adventure, heroism, and excitement that defines the Star Wars universe. Incorporating iconic characters, locations, and stories would go a long way in accomplishing this goal.

Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game

Development Process and Progress Updates

Behind the scenes of Creative Assembly‘s development process for Total War: Star Wars, an intriguing fusion of the epic strategy series and the iconic Star Wars universe, unveils a captivating journey.

Art Direction and Character Design

The art direction team meticulously crafts the visual identity of this galactic undertaking, conjuring up captivating landscapes and architectural wonders drawn from both Total War’s historical roots and the expansive Star Wars universe. The character design, a harmonious blend of creativity and authenticity, brings iconic characters such as Jedi Masters and Sith Lords to life with stunning detail.

Sound Design, Music, and Voice Acting

In the realm of auditory experiences, sound design, music, and voice acting infuse the game with a rich, immersive atmosphere. Authentic Star Wars soundscapes and intricately composed scores elevate the strategy gameplay to new heights. Voice actors bring depth and character to the commanders leading armies across the galaxy, making each strategic decision a more personal experience.

Regular Updates from Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly’s dedication to transparency keeps fans engaged with regular updates on the game’s progress:

Trailers, Concept Art, and Screenshots

Breathtaking trailers, captivating concept art, and enthralling screenshots showcase the game’s development, offering tantalizing glimpses into the evolving Total War: Star Wars universe.

Developer Interviews and Commentary on Design Decisions

Insightful developer interviews and commentary offer an intriguing look into the creative process behind each design decision, keeping fans informed and invested in the game’s development journey.
Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game

Expected Features and Gameplay

Detailed overview of the game’s features, such as factions, units, and heroes

Description of various Star Wars factions, their strengths, and weaknesses

The game is expected to feature a diverse array of Star Wars factions, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles. Some potential factions include the Galactic Empire, known for their powerful army and resourcefulness; the Rebel Alliance, renowned for their agility and adaptability; the Wookiee Mon Calamari, a powerful naval force; and the Separatist Droid Army, with an overwhelming numbers of droids at their disposal. Each faction’s choices in units, heroes, and technologies will significantly impact the strategic direction of their civilization.

Unit rosters, abilities, and customization options

Units in the game are expected to span across various classes such as infantry, vehicles, starships, and heroes. Each unit will come with distinct abilities that can be utilized strategically during battles or diplomacy. Players may have the option to customize their units, including choosing specific upgrades or skills, providing a layer of depth and personalization to gameplay.

Role of iconic heroes in the game

Iconic Star Wars heroes such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Leia Organa, and Palpatine are expected to play significant roles in the game. Heroes may have unique abilities or lead specialized units under their command, adding a layer of excitement and nostalgia to gameplay. Their presence in battles can drastically impact the outcome, requiring players to carefully consider their deployment strategies.

Description of key gameplay mechanics, such as diplomacy, research, and technology tree

Building and managing a Star Wars army

Players will need to construct barracks, factories, and other buildings to train their troops, maintain their fleet, and expand their settlements. Decisions regarding resource allocation, unit production, and the timing of military expansion will all be crucial factors in maintaining a strong and effective military force.

Developing technologies and upgrading units

Technology is crucial for a civilization’s progression and survival in the game. Players will research new technologies to unlock advancements that provide benefits in various aspects of gameplay, from increased resource gathering and production efficiency to military enhancements. Upgrading units is another way to stay competitive, with more advanced versions offering improved stats or abilities.

Engaging in diplomacy with other factions

Diplomacy plays an essential role in the game, as forming alliances or making peace treaties can significantly impact a player’s strategic options and protect against potential threats. On the other hand, betraying an alliance or declaring war on another faction can lead to new opportunities for expansion or the acquisition of valuable resources.

Multiplayer options and potential cooperation between players

Cooperative gameplay, such as teaming up to form alliances or competing against each other

Cooperative gameplay allows players to work together with others, forming alliances and pooling resources to take on larger challenges or defend against mutual threats. This can create a rich and immersive community where players collaborate, learn from one another, and engage in friendly competition.

Online multiplayer for competitive matches or custom battles

Online multiplayer offers the opportunity for players to face off against others from around the world in a series of competitive matches or custom battles. Players can showcase their strategic prowess, adaptability, and mastery of Star Wars factions, units, and heroes to rise through the ranks and become a dominant force within the community.
Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game

VI. Release Date and Pre-Orders

Announcement of the game’s release date and availability:

The release date for our highly anticipated video game is an exciting piece of information that gamers and fans eagerly wait for. We are thrilled to announce that our title will be available on both PC and the latest consoles in the third quarter (Q3) of this year. This means that you will be able to enjoy our game on your preferred platform starting from July. Stay tuned for the exact date as we finalize some last-minute adjustments.

Pre-orders, bonuses, and special editions:

For those who simply cannot wait to get their hands on our game, we offer pre-orders. By pre-ordering, you will secure your copy before the official release date and receive exclusive in-game content as a token of our appreciation. This could include special units or unique cosmetics that will set you apart from other players. For collectors and hardcore fans, we also offer special editions

Collector’s Edition:

Our collector’s edition is a must-have for those who want to showcase their love for our game. In addition to the base game, this bundle includes an array of additional merchandise. This could include a high-quality collectible figurine, a custom artbook, and an exclusive soundtrack CThe collector’s edition is truly a treasure for fans.

Pre-order Incentives:

To further entice early supporters, we offer a variety of pre-order incentives. These could include in-game bonuses like exclusive weapons or outfits, as well as discounts on future games or merchandise. By pre-ordering, you not only secure your copy of the game but also gain access to these exclusive perks.

We hope this information has answered some of your questions about our release date and pre-order options. We are grateful for your support and cannot wait to share our game with you!

Creative Assembly Reportedly Developing Total War: Star Wars Game


V In wrapping up, it’s important to acknowledge the sheer magnitude of anticipation and excitement surrounding Total War: Star Wars. This ambitious project has sparked an unprecedented level of interest from both fans and the gaming industry.

Summary of Key Details

Discussed throughout this outline have been several key aspects of Total War: Star Wars. The game’s combination of the renowned Total War strategy and the immersive Star Wars universe is a game-changer. Players will have the opportunity to command iconic factions, engage in epic space battles, and build their galactic empires. The inclusion of famous Star Wars characters, unique units, and diverse planets promises an unforgettable experience.

Anticipation and Excitement

Fan Reactions, Media Coverage, and Industry Buzz

The fan reactions to this announcement have been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous articles, interviews, and videos dedicated to discussing potential features, strategies, and speculations. Media coverage has been extensive, with outlets such as IGN, PC Gamer, and Gamespot featuring articles on the game. Industry experts, influencers, and developers have expressed their excitement about the title, emphasizing its potential to expand the Total War franchise and invigorate the strategy genre as a whole.

Impact on the Total War Franchise and Strategy Game Genre as a Whole

The impact of Total War: Star Wars on the Total War franchise and strategy games in general cannot be understated. By merging these two beloved genres, Creative Assembly has the opportunity to reach a broader audience and potentially redefine what strategy games can offer. This game’s success could pave the way for future collaborations between IPs and strategy franchises, setting new standards in gameplay, storytelling, and community engagement.