Among Us releases a major update and adds a new imposter role

Among Us releases a major update and adds a new imposter role

Among Us: A New Imposter Role – An In-Depth Outline of the Major Update

Among Us, an immensely popular multiplayer game with over 10 million daily active players as of October 2020, has recently undergone a major update. This update introduced an exciting new imposter role, which brings fresh excitement to the game and challenges long-standing strategies. Let us dive deep into the details of this new role, its mechanics, and the impact it has on the gameplay experience.

The New Imposter Role: The Deceiver

With the new update, a new imposter role, named “The Deceiver,” has been added to Among Us. The Deceiver is a highly advanced and cunning imposter, capable of blending in seamlessly with the crew members and deceiving them with its disguises. The Deceiver can assume any crew member’s role, including the popular roles like Engineer, Scientist, or even the Administrator.

Abilities and Powers

The Deceiver has several unique abilities that make it a formidable adversary. First, it can disguise itself as any crew member with a single button press, allowing for quick and stealthy role swaps. Second, it can use ventilation systems to travel across the map undetected, making it a challenge for crew members to keep track of its movements. Lastly, it has access to two fake tasks, which can be used to lure unsuspecting crew members into potential traps or mislead investigations.

Impact on Gameplay

The introduction of the Deceiver role significantly changes the gameplay experience in Among Us. Crew members must now be more cautious and vigilant when performing tasks or reporting suspicious behaviors. The Deceiver’s ability to disguise itself as any crew member means that no one is truly safe, forcing players to work together and communicate effectively. Additionally, the Deceiver’s access to fake tasks adds a new layer of complexity to the game, as players must carefully consider who to trust and when to report suspicious behaviors. Overall, the new update brings a fresh wave of excitement and strategy to Among Us, ensuring that this popular game remains engaging for its massive player base.

Among Us, the acclaimed multiplayer game created by Innersloth, has recently made an exciting announcement: a major update is on the horizon with the inclusion of a brand-new imposter role. In this in-depth outline, we’ll delve into the features and changes that come with this enticing new addition.

New Imposter Role

The imposter role, a long-requested feature among the community, brings new levels of strategy and deception to the game. The imposter can now assume any crewmate’s appearance and manipulate the events within the spaceship to create chaos and confusion.

New Abilities

The new imposter role comes with several intriguing abilities designed to make the gameplay more engaging and challenging. For instance, venting is now available to all players, allowing them to quickly move around the map without being detected. However, imposters have the added ability to vent as crewmates, potentially misleading investigations and creating confusion.

Visual Upgrades

The update also brings visual enhancements to the game, making it more visually appealing and immersive. New colors and patterns are now available for customizing the crewmates’ uniforms, while the map undergoes various upgrades to make navigation easier.

Gameplay Changes

The update introduces several gameplay changes aimed at providing a more balanced experience for both the imposter and the crewmates. For example, emergency meetings can now be called by any player, giving more power to those who suspect foul play. Additionally, the “dead body” visual stays longer on screen to help crewmates make quicker decisions during investigations.


In conclusion, Among Us’ newest update with the addition of a new imposter role brings fresh excitement to this popular multiplayer game. With new abilities, visual upgrades, and gameplay changes, players can look forward to hours of engaging deception and investigation. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting update!

Among Us releases a major update and adds a new imposter role

New Imposter Role Overview:

Among Us‘s latest update introduces a new imposter role, named the “Shapeshifter “. This role brings fresh gameplay mechanics that make Among Us more engaging and challenging than ever before.

Unique Features of the Shapeshifter:

The Shapeshifter, unlike traditional imposter roles, boasts additional abilities that make them more elusive and difficult to detect.


The most notable ability of the Shapeshifter is their power to shape-shift. They can transform themselves into any crewmate, including the other imposters. This ability adds a new layer of complexity to the game as players must now suspect everyone, even their teammates.

Vent Control:

Shapeshifters also have the ability to control the vents. They can open or close them as they please, making it harder for crewmates to use the vents to travel around the map undetected.

Imposter Vision:

Additionally, Shapeshifters have an enhanced imposter vision mode. This mode allows them to see the outline of other crewmates through walls, making it easier for them to stalk their prey.

Changing Dynamics:

The introduction of the Shapeshifter role significantly alters the dynamics of Among Us. Crewmates must now be more vigilant and communicate effectively with one another to eliminate the Shapeshifter. The game now requires even more strategy, teamwork, and deception.

Among Us releases a major update and adds a new imposter role

Gameplay Mechanics:


The Shapeshifter role introduces an intriguing dynamic to the gameplay mechanics in Among Us. With their unique ability, they can seamlessly blend in with crewmates by assuming their appearance, including their color and uniform. This feature offers Shapeshifters a significant advantage in evading detection, as they can move around the ship undetected, making it more challenging for crewmates to identify impostors.

New Abilities:

The Shapeshifter’s abilities go beyond mere disguise, providing them with a set of new and powerful tools. For instance, they can shape-shift through walls (limited usage) to move around without being seen or reach areas inaccessible to crewmates. Additionally, they can mimic tasks, which allows them to perform specific duties like repairing wires or disposing of bodies while disguised as another crewmate. Moreover, they can even impersonate other roles, such as the Doctor or Engineer, further complicating the situation for crewmates.

Impact on Gameplay:

These new abilities significantly change the gameplay experience for both Shapeshifters and crewmates. For the former, it provides an extra layer of stealth and deception, making their impersonation attempts more convincing. Conversely, for the crewmates, identifying Shapeshifters becomes an even more arduous task as they must carefully observe the behavior and tasks of their peers. This heightened level of uncertainty adds to the overall tension and excitement, making Among Us a more engaging and strategic experience for all players involved.

Among Us releases a major update and adds a new imposter role

Section 4: Detection and Elimination

In this critical phase of the game, crewmates must collaborate diligently to identify and eliminate the elusive Shapeshifter before they wreak too much havoc on the spaceship. The Shapeshifter, with their newfound abilities, have evolved into even more deceptive and cunning adversaries, making detection a significant challenge for the team. In this section, we will explore various detection methods that crewmates can employ to increase their chances of finding and neutralizing the Shapeshifter.

Task Completion

One reliable method for crewmates to identify a Shapeshifter is by closely monitoring task completion. By keeping track of who completes tasks and when, crewmates can suspect someone who finishes a task too quickly or performs an unexpected task. However, Shapeshifters may attempt to manipulate this system by impersonating other crewmates and completing tasks on their behalf or sabotaging tasks to throw off suspicion.


Observing other crewmates’ behavior and actions is an essential aspect of detection. Crewmates should be attentive to any unusual or suspicious behaviors, such as a crewmate acting out of character, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or failing to respond to calls or messages. Shapeshifters may use their disguise and mimicry abilities to blend in seamlessly, so it’s crucial for crewmates to maintain a high level of awareness.


Effective communication between crewmates is vital in the detection and elimination process. Sharing information, suspecting crewmates based on evidence, and working together to form a consensus can help identify potential Shapeshifters. However, Shapeshifters may try to exploit communication channels by impersonating other crewmates or spreading misinformation.

Using the Emergency Meeting Function Effectively

The emergency meeting function offers a valuable tool for crewmates to gather and discuss their suspicions. However, Shapeshifters can manipulate this function by infiltrating the meeting disguised as another crewmate or attempting to sway the discussion in their favor. To mitigate this risk, it’s essential for crewmates to approach emergency meetings with caution, carefully consider each other’s arguments, and make decisions based on evidence rather than suspicion alone.

Among Us releases a major update and adds a new imposter role

5. Balancing the Game:

A. The addition of the Shapeshifter role in Among Us necessitates meticulous balancing to guarantee a level playing field for all participants. The Shapeshifter’s ability to impersonate any crewmember can significantly disrupt the game and lead to unbalanced gameplay if not handled correctly.

Balancing Measures:

Innersloth, the game’s developer, has introduced various measures to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all. One approach includes adjusting the number of Shapeshifters in a game. By limiting their presence or increasing it, Innersloth can manipulate the game’s dynamics and create a more balanced environment for the crew members to interact in. Another method is the addition of new tasks, which not only provides additional objectives but also makes it more challenging for Shapeshifters to blend in. Lastly, the developer has improved communication tools, such as the Emergency Meeting feature and the Report function, to enable crew members to collaborate more effectively and identify potential impostors.

Impact on Gameplay:

These balancing changes have positively influenced the gameplay experience in several ways. For one, the adjustments to Shapeshifter numbers and new tasks make it more difficult for them to deceive crew members, ensuring a higher level of engagement and excitement throughout the game. Improved communication tools enable the crew to work together more efficiently and effectively, enhancing teamwork and collaboration. Additionally, these changes have provided a more balanced and enjoyable experience for both Shapeshifters and crew members, ensuring that everyone has an equal chance to win the game.

Among Us releases a major update and adds a new imposter role


With the recent Among Us update, bringing the exhilarating addition of the Shapeshifter role, players are in for a treat. This new experience not only adds an element of surprise and suspense but also challenges the strategic thinking and observational skills of every crewmate on the ship.

The Shapeshifter Role: A Game Changer

The addition of the Shapeshifter role brings a new dimension to Among Us. Impostors now have the ability to blend in seamlessly with the crewmates, making it harder for them to be detected. On the other hand, crewmates must now rely on their observation skills and intuition more than ever before.

Mastering the Mechanics: Strategies for Success

Understanding the mechanics of this new update is essential to make the most out of Among Us. Players must learn how to detect and report impostors effectively while balancing their tasks. The gameplay is now more intricate than ever before, providing endless opportunities for players to hone their strategies and enjoy the enhanced experience.

Detection Methods: Catching the Impostor

Detecting impostors in Among Us can be challenging, especially with the new Shapeshifter role. Players can use various methods such as voting based on task completion, observing behavior patterns, and communicating effectively with their team.

Balancing Changes: Striking the Right Balance

The update also includes balancing changes to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. These adjustments may include tweaks to tasks, meeting lengths, or communication features. Understanding these changes and adapting your strategies accordingly will help you succeed in the game.

Improve Your Gameplay: Enjoy the Enhancement

In conclusion, the new Among Us update with the Shapeshifter role offers an exciting and challenging experience for both impostors and crewmates. By mastering the mechanics, detection methods, and balancing changes, players can improve their strategies, enjoy the enhanced gameplay, and create memorable moments with friends. So jump into a game and start exploring the new possibilities that this update has brought to Among Us!

Among Us releases a major update and adds a new imposter role

7. Future Updates:

Since the initial release of Among Us, the game has continued to garner a massive following. Developers Innersloth have not hesitated to engage with their community and have teased potential future updates that are sure to excite fans even more.

Additional Roles:

Among the most anticipated updates is the possibility of new crewmate roles. This could add a new layer of strategy and intrigue to the game, as each role comes with unique abilities and responsibilities.

Map Expansions:

Another area of potential growth is map expansions. Innersloth has already introduced new maps in the form of Airship and MIRA HQ, but there’s always room for more. New maps could offer unique challenges and layouts, keeping gameplay fresh and exciting.

Now let’s delve deeper into

gameplay enhancements:

. These updates could significantly impact the Among Us experience. For instance, improved communication features, such as a more extensive text chat or voice integration, could make it easier for players to coordinate and collaborate.

Enhanced Impostor Mechanics:

On the other hand, new imposter mechanics could add more tension and suspense. Perhaps impostors would gain new abilities or ways to blend in with the crewmates, making it even harder for players to root out the saboteur.

New Game Modes:

New game modes could also bring about exciting changes. For instance, a “free for all” mode where everyone is an impostor or a “hidden impostor” mode where one impostor remains hidden among the crewmates until they make their move.

In conclusion, the future of Among Us looks bright with numerous possibilities for further gameplay enhancements. The community’s involvement and Innersloth’s dedication to improving the game ensure that Among Us will continue to be a beloved multiplayer experience for years to come.