Roaring Kitty reveals 6.6% stake in Chewy via SEC 13G filing

Roaring Kitty reveals 6.6% stake in Chewy via SEC 13G filing

Roaring Kitty’s 6.6% Stake in Chewy Unveiled through SEC 13G Filing


The financial world was abuzz with excitement as one of the most mysterious and influential investors, Roaring Kitty, revealed a significant stake in Chewy Inc. (CHWY) through an SEC 13G filing. The investor, known for his popular YouTube channel and Reddit presence, has been a subject of intrigue for many market watchers due to his ability to move stock prices with his public statements.

SEC Filing:

In the filing, Roaring Kitty disclosed a beneficial ownership of approximately 6.6 million shares of Chewy, representing around 5.8% of the company’s outstanding common stock as of March 17, 202The investor also revealed his intention to continue accumulating shares, further increasing his influence in the company’s future direction.

Impact on CHWY:

The news of Roaring Kitty’s stake sent a ripple effect through the market, causing Chewy stock to surge by more than 13% in after-hours trading on March 20, 202This demonstrates the significant impact that a single investor’s actions can have on a publicly traded company’s stock price.


The disclosure of Roaring Kitty’s stake in Chewy raises several questions and implications for the company, including:

  • Investor Influence:

    How will Roaring Kitty’s stake influence Chewy’s future decisions, especially regarding its business strategy and executive leadership?

  • Market Reactions:

    What will be the long-term impact of Roaring Kitty’s stake on Chewy’s stock price and overall market sentiment?

  • Regulatory Scrutiny:

    Will regulatory bodies, such as the SEC, investigate Roaring Kitty’s trading activities and potential insider information, given his significant stake in Chewy?


Roaring Kitty, an influential figure in the retail investor community, has recently turned his attention to Chewy Inc., a leading online retailer of pet food and related products. Known for his role in the link, Roaring Kitty’s latest target is driven by Chewy’s strong growth potential and impressive financial performance.

Roaring Kitty’s Influence

Roaring Kitty, whose real identity remains unknown, gained prominence in the financial world by leading a group of retail investors to buy shares of Gamestop in early 202This move, collectively known as a short squeeze, caused the stock price to skyrocket, resulting in significant losses for hedge funds that had bet against Gamestop.

Chewy Inc.: A New Target

Inspired by Chewy’s successful business model and the company’s potential for continued growth, Roaring Kitty began purchasing shares of Chewy in March 202His influence on the retail investor community led to a surge in demand for Chewy stocks, causing the price to rise dramatically.

SEC 13G Filing

In accordance with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, Roaring Kitty’s investment in Chewy was required to be disclosed through an SEC 13G filing. This document reports significant holdings of beneficial owners or institutional investment managers, ensuring transparency and maintaining fairness in the securities market.

Roaring Kitty reveals 6.6% stake in Chewy via SEC 13G filing

Roaring Kitty’s 13G Filing

On March 29, 2023, Roaring Kitty (David Trainer and his investment firm Newfound Owl Capital Management) made an official disclosure of their significant investment in Chewy by filing a 13G form with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This filing revealed that Roaring Kitty purchased an impressive 4.5 million shares of Chewy, representing approximately 6.6% ownership stake in the company.

First Official Disclosure after Teasing on Social Media

This filing marks a significant moment for Roaring Kitty, as it is his first official disclosure of his position in Chewy. In the weeks leading up to this filing, Roaring Kitty had been teasing and hinting at his plans through various social media platforms such as Reddit. Many investors and observers were eagerly following his every move, trying to decipher the meaning behind his cryptic messages.

Cooperating with Other Investors

The filing also revealed that Roaring Kitty intends to cooperate with other investors concerning the election of directors or other matters requiring action on their part. This suggests that Roaring Kitty may be looking to form alliances with other investors in order to effect change at Chewy, potentially through a shareholder activism campaign.

Key Takeaways
Date: March 29, 2023
Investor: Roaring Kitty (David Trainer and Newfound Owl Capital Management)
Shares Purchased: 4.5 million
Percentage of Ownership: Approximately 6.6%
Intended Cooperation with Other Investors: Yes

Roaring Kitty reveals 6.6% stake in Chewy via SEC 13G filing

I Market Reaction

Positive Response to Roaring Kitty’s Investment in Chewy

On March 29, the news of Roaring Kitty’s investment in Chewy sent shares soaring by more than 8% in intraday trading. This positive market reaction reflected investors’ confidence in the company following the influential investor’s public endorsement.

Roaring Kitty as a Catalyst for Change

The filing further reinforced Roaring Kitty’s reputation as a powerful catalyst for change in the investment world. His ability to influence stock prices through his large and vocal social media following is a phenomenon that continues to captivate the investment community.

Intrigue Surrounding Chewy as Roaring Kitty’s Next Target

The market was intrigued by Roaring Kitty’s choice of Chewy as the next target. Given the company’s solid fundamentals and impressive growth prospects, many investors saw this as a promising opportunity to jump on board. With Roaring Kitty’s backing, Chewy was poised for even greater success in the competitive e-commerce pet food industry.

Roaring Kitty reveals 6.6% stake in Chewy via SEC 13G filing

Analysis of Chewy’s Business Model

Wide Range of Products and Services

Chewy’s business model revolves around offering an extensive selection of pet food, supplies,, and services through its e-commerce platform. The company’s extensive product offering caters to various pet species, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and others.

Impressive Growth

The recent growth of Chewy can be attributed to several factors: the increasing trend of pet ownership, the convenience offered by online retail, and a shift from traditional brick-and-mortar stores towards e-commerce platforms. This shift has been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people adopt and shop for their pets online.

Financial Performance

Chewy’s financial performance has been solid, as indicated by its steady revenue growth. Moreover, the company boasts robust gross margins that continue to expand. This margin expansion can be attributed to economies of scale and the strategic pricing of its extensive product offerings.

Roaring Kitty reveals 6.6% stake in Chewy via SEC 13G filing

V. Roaring Kitty’s reasoning for investing in Chewy can be attributed to several key factors.

Significant Growth Potential and Financial Performance

Roaring Kitty likely identified the significant growth potential of Chewy as a reason to invest, given his track record of targeting undervalued companies with strong fundamentals. With revenue growth rates that consistently outpaced industry averages, Chewy presented an attractive investment opportunity.

Temporary Setbacks as Long-Term Growth Opportunities

The timing of Roaring Kitty’s investment in Chewy is also noteworthy. The company has been facing challenges from Amazon and other competitors, which may have caused temporary setbacks in the stock’s performance. However, Roaring Kitty may view these challenges as temporary and ultimately lead to long-term growth opportunities for Chewy.

Support from Influential Investors

Additionally, the support from other influential investors may further strengthen Roaring Kitty’s position in Chewy and contribute to the stock’s continued growth. With high-profile investors such as Ryan Cohen and Melvin Capital expressing confidence in Chewy, it is clear that there is a strong belief in the company’s future potential.

Roaring Kitty reveals 6.6% stake in Chewy via SEC 13G filing

VI. Conclusion

Significant Development in Retail Investing

Roaring Kitty’s 6.6% stake in Chewy, disclosed through an SEC 13G filing, represents a significant development in the realm of retail investing. This revelation underscores the immense power of social media influence and how it can shape the investment landscape.

Attractive Investment Opportunity

The combination of Chewy’s solid business model, impressive growth potential, and Roaring Kitty’s endorsement makes it an appealing investment opportunity for both retail and institutional investors. The company’s unique selling proposition, innovative approach to pet care, and robust financial performance make it a standout contender in the retail sector.

Importance of Following Regulatory Filings

The filing serves as a potent reminder of the significance of following regulatory filings and keeping abreast of market trends, especially when it comes to influential figures like Roaring Kitty. The disclosure not only shed light on the investor’s strategic moves but also underscores the importance of staying informed about the broader market dynamics and key players.

Growing Influence of Retail Investors

The saga between Roaring Kitty and Chewy stocks highlights the growing influence of retail investors in the financial markets. With the rise of social media platforms, individual investors now hold the power to sway market trends and impact stock prices. This trend is set to continue, making it essential for both investors and market observers to understand this evolving landscape and adapt accordingly.