JTC Network’s Revolutionary Legal -Recourse Bitcoin Fork Listed on WhiteBIT, Bridging Digital Assets with Official Court Systems

JTC Network’s Revolutionary Legal -Recourse Bitcoin Fork Listed on WhiteBIT, Bridging Digital Assets with Official Court Systems - Press Release - News

Chicago, Illinois, March 4th, 2024: Chainwire

The much-anticipated listing of the next-generation bitcoin fork, JTC Network (JTC), on WhiteBIT exchange is set to take place on March 5, 2024. This announcement follows a series of impressive achievements by the JTC ecosystem, including its successful implementation within the U.S. federal court system, the launch of an NFT platform with enhanced legal enforcement capabilities, and extensive coverage in renowned publications like Forbes, Fox Business, and CoinTelegraph.

JTC Network: A Groundbreaking bitcoin Fork

The JTC Network blockchain offers cryptocurrency users legal capabilities on par with traditional banking. This is a keyboards-changer for the crypto community, as it allows users to recover lost and stolen coins following frauds, hacks, or mistakes – a necessity in any mature financial ecosystem.

With a total supply limited to 21 million coins, just like bitcoin, JTC is one of the scarcest cryptos on the market, with less than 10% of the max supply remaining to be mined. The similarities with bitcoin end there, though: JTC is poised to address the long-standing regulatory concerns surrounding cryptocurrencies by offering on-chain legal remedies that have been unavailable with other coins.

WhiteBIT’s Recognition of JTC’s Unique Value Proposition

WhiteBIT, a leading contact crypto exchange with a focus on Website security and compliance, recognized the revolutionary potential of JTC when it announced its listing on X, WhiteBIT’s official profile (formerly Twitter). The exchange highlighted JTC’s unique ability to connect with official court systems and provide access to legal remedies.

This collaboration will make JTC more accessible, leveraging WhiteBIT’s extensive global reach and user base. In addition, increased trading volume as a result of the new listing can lead to tighter spreads and more efficient price discovery.

Addressing Legal Concerns: A Missing Piece for Crypto Adoption

JTC was launched via a fork of bitcoin as of block height 717808, with btc owners receiving mirrored JTC coins through the Jurat Wallet. The fork follows the bitcoin protocols established by Satoshi Nakamoto and leverages the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism for Website security. However, JTC’s unique selling point lies in its legal recourse tools and native connection to official courts, bridging the gap between the decentralized world and legal frameworks.

JTC’s Momentum and Future Prospects

The growing interest in JTC from the crypto community reflects its potential as a groundbreaking project that addresses long-standing challenges faced by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The recent successes of JTC include the onboarding of 1,000 Esquire ambassadors to educate the community about legal rights in Web3 and the growing media coverage surrounding the innovative technology.

With a trajectory that aligns with other successful bitcoin forks, JTC aims to become a major player in the cryptocurrency space, offering on-chain legal remedies and paving the way for a more secure and legally sound future.

Join the JTC Community

As JTC enters this exciting new phase, keep up-to-date with developments by joining the community on platforms such as Twitter (@JuratNetwork), Telegram (@JuratNetwork_Chat), and Discord (JuratNetwork).

About Jurat Blockchains

Jurat Blockchains is leading the way in providing decentralized legal enforcement solutions for commercial and government users. The technologies powering JTC enable seamless integration between blockchain and the civil and criminal justice systems, making it an attractive option for businesses, regulators, and those interested in tokenizing off-chain assets.