Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference 2024 Unveils First Look at All-Star Speakers

Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference 2024 Unveils First Look at All-Star Speakers - Press Release - News

Singapore, Singapore – March 13th, 2024

The Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Hong Kong 2024: East & West, marking the world’s first event dedicated exclusively to the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem, is set to take place on April 8, 2024, in Hong Kong. With ScaleBit, the Blockchain security team, as one of its esteemed hosts, this conference is poised to become a melting pot for innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the blockchain industry. Boasting an impressive lineup of over 500 attendees, this event will feature contributions from more than 100 leading companies around the globe, creating a unique environment for global collaboration.

Confirmed All-Star Speakers

The Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Hong Kong 2024 is proud to announce an all-star roster of speakers, including:

  • Vineet Budki – CEO & Managing Partner at Cypher Capital
  • Rena Shah – VP of Product & Operations at Trust Machines
  • Kevin Williams – Investment Partner, Bitcoin Frontier Fund
  • Jullian Duran – Product Lead at Marathon Digital Holdings & Co-Founder of Anduro
  • Xiao Xiao – Partner & Venture Investments at Hashkey Capital
  • Cipher – Author of RGB++ Protocol & Founder of CELL Studio
  • Gavin – Core Builder, BEVM
  • Chan Ahn – CTO of ALEX
  • Rachel Yu – Co-Founder & COO of ALEX
  • Kyle Ellicott – Partner, Bitcoin Frontier Fund
  • Austin Alexander – Co-Founder of LayerTwo Labs
  • Jack Kong – Founder of Nano Labs & Director, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
  • Jay Lee – CEO of Bison Labs
  • Elaine Yang – Investment Director, Waterdrip Capital & Head of Investment at Satoshi Lab
  • Hanzhi Liu – Co-Founder, Nubit
  • Jagdeep – CEO of SYS Labs & President, Syscoin Foundation
  • Nicole Liu – Founding Partner, Comma3 Ventures
  • Cora – Head of Operations, Bitsmiley
  • Kevin Ren – Partner, CGV & Co-Founder, AIFocus
  • Yves La Rose – Co-Founder & CEO, EOS Network Foundation
  • Arwen – APAC Lead, B² Network
  • Ronnie Lau – Co-Founder, Bool Network
  • Jolestar – Founder & CTO, Rooch Network
  • Rachel Tsang – Committee Member, MVCDAO
  • Brendon Wann – Founder, BitREXE
  • NIGO – CMO, TBC Foundation
  • 周川 – Senior Manager, Business Development, HKSTP
  • Leo Lin – Founder, Arkreen
  • 深绘里 – Eco-Builder, AINN
  • John – Builder, BEVM
  • Jennie – Bitcoin Eco-Director, Web3Labs
  • Shuning Hong – Bitcoin Researcher
  • Ken – Co-Founder,
  • Jacky – Ambassador, PATH Protocol
  • Weiji GuoWeb3 Builder, Author of EIP-6051, opZKP & zkBTC, Founder, Lightec
  • Charlie Hu – Co-Founder, Bitlayer Labs
  • Catrina Wang – Partner, Portal Ventures
  • Luis Loh – CEO, ScaleBit & BTC Security Lab

Key Highlights of the Conference

The Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Hong Kong 2024 promises to be an event like no other, with the following key highlights:

  • Global First: As the first global event dedicated to the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem, it marks a significant milestone in the 2024 Web3 narrative.
  • East-West Integration: By inviting industry leaders from both Eastern and Western Bitcoin ecosystems, the conference offers a unique platform for insightful exchanges and shared experiences.
  • Resource Access and Networking: Attendees will enjoy access to numerous resources and networking opportunities, including an after-party.
  • Launch of the Bitcoin Layer 2 Library: BTC Security Labs will introduce the Bitcoin Layer 2 Library, a collaborative project designed to enhance the security of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Key contributors like B² Network, BEVM, Merlin Chain, BounceBit,, and Bison are instrumental in establishing this vital resource.

Attendees can anticipate groundbreaking discussions, insightful keynotes, and valuable networking opportunities with professionals, investors, and enthusiasts from around the world. This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Layer2, SideChain, RGB, DLC, Bitcoin Applications, etc.

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