ceτi AI Announces Successful Launch of Revolutionary Decentralized AI Infrastructure Token

ceτi AI Announces Successful Launch of Revolutionary Decentralized AI Infrastructure Token - Press Release - News

Press Release: Portland, Oregon, March 13th, 2024

ceτi ai Successfully Launches CETI Token: A New Era of Decentralized artificial intelligence

ceτi ai, an innovative decentralized artificial intelligence (ai) infrastructure provider, is proud to announce the successful launch of its native CETI token on March 11th, 2024, on uniswap. The company was founded by a visionary team led by Dennis Jarvis, who previously held notable positions at Bitcoin.com and Apple. ceτi ai aims to democratize access to ai technology by building a globally distributed, high-performance, intelligent, and scalable infrastructure network that supports groundbreaking decentralized ai networks.

A Token for Infrastructure Development and Value Creation

The launch of the CETI token marked a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to ai infrastructure development and reap the rewards generated by the ceτi ai network. The initial market response was overwhelming, with an impressive market cap of 33M USD and a significant trading volume of 5.6M USD within the first day of trading. This strong market performance indicated a high level of confidence in ceτi ai’s vision among investors and industry experts.

Community Growth and Tokenomics Milestones

The CETI token launch not only achieved impressive market performance but also signaled a significant milestone in community growth. More than one thousand early adopters joined the project’s Discord and Telegram groups, with tens of thousands engaging on X.com. The token also trended #1 on DEX Tools Hot Pairs list, demonstrating a strong commitment to responsible tokenomics and yield-generating ai infrastructure features that resonated with the crypto and ai communities.

Building a Decentralized Future for ai

“The success of the CETI token launch marks just the beginning of our journey to decentralize artificial intelligence,” says Dennis Jarvis, CEO of ceτi ai. “As we look towards the future, it’s clear that advanced machine intelligence will impact every facet of our lives. It is essential that we build a decentralized and democratized future for ai to ensure this power isn’t monopolized by centralized entities. ceτi ai is dedicated to providing the infrastructure that makes this a reality, ensuring our token holders and community members are an integral part of our mission.”

Open Innovation and Empowerment

By fostering a culture of open innovation and collaboration, ceτi ai is paving the way for a future where decentralized ai benefits are universally accessible. This approach ensures that technology serves the greater good and empowers individuals across the globe to harness the power of advanced machine intelligence.

Join us on Our Mission: Accelerating Decentralized ai

For more information about ceτi ai and how to get involved, visit >. Connect with us on X (>), Telegram (>), Discord (>), and DEX Tools (>). Together, we can accelerate the advancement of decentralized ai and build a future where this powerful technology truly benefits everyone.