PropyKeys Officially Launches, Introducing Onchain Home Addresses as a New Asset Class

PropyKeys Officially Launches, Introducing Onchain Home Addresses as a New Asset Class - Press Release - News

Miami, FL, March 13th, 2024. Chainwire:

PropyKeys, an innovative decentralized application (dApp) within the Propy ecosystem, officially launches today on Coinbase’s Layer-2 Base network. The groundbreaking project aims to democratize real estate investing by enabling users to mint digital addresses and deeds on the blockchain for physical properties.

Revolutionizing Real Estate with PropyKeys

Since its invite-only beta testing, PropyKeys has experienced rapid adoption, with over 1,600 addresses minted and 300 global landmarks included. This digital platform bridges the gap between the physical realm and the digital landscape, allowing users to create digital representations of realworld property addresses. Users can later transfer ownership to the property owner in exchange for PRO tokens.

Secure Property Deeds with PropyKeys

PropyKeys introduces a new standard for property deed security by transitioning from paper-based to digital, algorithm-secured systems. This shift to an onchain, open-source, and community-managed registry enhances protection against deed theft, ensuring a trustworthy environment for property transactions.

New Developments & Features

Coinciding with the public launch, PropyKeys is introducing several new features. A staking mechanism rewards users with PRO tokens for minting and safeguarding onchain addresses and title deeds. Additionally, PropyKeys allows users to create personalized ai-generated global landmark NFTs, including renowned structures like the White House or Big Ben. Each NFT is a unique digital collectible, making PropyKeys an industry leader in digital art.

Addressing Real World Challenges in Real Estate

PropyKeys and the Propy ecosystem are dedicated to addressing challenges within the real estate sector, such as high title fees and operational inefficiencies. By providing solutions for more accessible, secure, and user-friendly digital ownership, PropyKeys aims to revolutionize the $280 trillion real estate market and combat deed fraud.

Empowering a Blockchain-Based Real Estate Journey with PropyKeys

PropyKeys offers an engaging entry point to the Propy ecosystem, enabling users to begin their blockchain-based real estate journey. Features include minting home addresses, verifying ownership, instant property sales, access to Real World Asset (RWA) or micro-mortgages, and more. PropyKeys is paving the way for a future where real estate transactions are as easy as sending an email.

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About PropyKeys:

PropyKeys is a gamified platform within the Propy ecosystem that redefines real estate ownership through blockchain technology. Officially launched in March 2024 on Coinbase’s Base, a layer-2 network, PropyKeys enables users to mint digital addresses and deeds for realworld properties. By providing a secure, blockchain-based platform for property deed storage and innovative features like ai-generated landmark NFT minting and staking mechanisms, PropyKeys sets new standards in how properties are owned, traded, and verified in the digital age.

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